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Melvin Keihn defies the odds at Gilman



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  2. Charles Taylor2:08
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Fri, 11 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. -- -- -- -- -- 63225. Pounds. At his defensive end position. Melvin kinda has become one of the regions and nation's top defensive players dominating and enjoying the game a -- But what helped a lot because at first our first thought of playing -- -- me and I knew if I knew juggle have a great opportunity to do big things. I mean like playing football or help me. -- through college and also help him get a degree he's one of those top recruits in the country. Fifty dollars for. At seventy years of age making the jump from boyhood to manhood Melvin is the head of the her. He's mastering how to focus on the task for the while keeping his eyes on the prize. Securing a college scholarship is just part of his plan Melvin has aspirations of making it into the NFL. If -- -- -- and I thought that's a big plus when they've got to make it. Identify anything happens to us and I have -- -- baffled by the same semi useful wasn't great motivation as a great piece of work hard and. Sure every teenager has this dream of making it to the ultimate level of football but for this stand out. Making it to that level may help save his mother's life. He hasn't seen her. Since she was eight. And his his mother's been sick too and hospitalized then he gets messages from his father. That his -- hill and it's been very horrible him. Eighth 2003. His native country of Liberia he had just gone through its second civil war. The rebel groups alert had claimed victory and the country's former leader Charles Taylor was exiled to Nigeria. That transitional government of Liberia was installed the Accra comprehensive peace agreement was signed and the nation's save. Lives -- Liberia was in the midst of a very brutal civil war. I remember him telling me some stories about I ask what -- -- -- I mean did you see. You know yeah. People -- -- -- old he sleeps yes he managed just like horrible and a man who I AM I can tell you some of the story he can tell you some stories. Com. So he went through some stomach for this young child. -- parents divorced his birth mother one of the best for her son so she planned for him to leave the war torn country. And moved to the United States. This transition could save his life but it was a move that he didn't want to make. It's so far we've actually -- actually convince them right conditions -- us and now on I don't -- go and grab -- -- you -- that. Atlanta airport -- on its not like I'm not -- doesn't matter what you say am I know pushing finding give me a hug she says. Come when you book Eagles had a lot of chances actually on. So for me and what she says since -- especially. Job and got me got me -- convince -- actually have a very light from the and I had a chance there's a sense for her Hamels who. So his journey was on the way -- landed in Baltimore. Where he rejoined his father and after six years -- two parting ways. Melvin and rolled it Gilman and joining his new family the oh -- Budget there. This then head coaching Gilman and his wife Amy were parents themselves raising five children. Two daughters and three sons. All of their boys played or are currently playing in college Sam -- Duke Jim is at Iowa and Henry is currently playing in Michigan. Football is their life and now Melvin their newly adopted son fell right in and this football family never missed a beat. He's completely happy to join our family and was very quick and then he really feels like. The house and Jim Hendry -- merrier his siblings and I mean really he embraced us. He's my boy and mean it's been three years acts. Couldn't. -- longer then needed to. Feel like Miami sun chronicle on my liberians on my my five children call him they're brawler and he's found when -- I mean he's he's treated exactly the way our work is going. Everything you listen to get better and better and I'm never my freshman year wall's summer going for Phil I'm move. Henry and forehand rodeo in the family -- -- suddenly. And walk and put on as the year went a lot realize that you realize ahead and I actually got closer and closer there. When he graduated this year who have come about because. He was like a big twelve and I never really. There's a there's a great man actually includes the before defending ground really. Really great people images he had his script will be around me I guess a lot about them but they just it is lovely to be around. In a family this big a child can get lost in the shuffle but not here. When someone is down every one is there to pick you -- and for a young boy who is thousands of miles away from his family. Having a shoulder to cry on makes a world of difference. It's been nice thing about that is every morning -- weeks. And die was father and stepmother and so he he now there's -- connection and we all pray for the it's hard and I'm just. He is only a matter -- you talk to me and helped send it to us and it's been found. One -- over rerun it caused a brief was hurt then reading a book actually. He has -- is actually right now I'm in -- -- and after reading that book is actually giving him beat these guys you give me the joy of what I read what I read about. And -- thing about it. They -- and have a very busy telling people to his readers that you can't -- read something about one thing and let it ruin the rest of the life you've got to move forward like. We've got to make -- making festival tomorrow. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. So Melvin plays on like a man on the mission the next phase in his life a scholarship. And then it's off to the next adventure but however difficult at times maybe his objective is simple. Reuniting. With his mother. He's told me that he wants to. Use football to become. Successful. Enough -- and for his family -- so -- here. And whether that's him playing football or him musical or get a great education and whatever it is I hope that it ends and him get things. I think what he. So I really. Belief people who. Bring her over from you know Liberia for awhile maybe he can go visit -- at some point. I I think he's going to be in position here again. There's a lot of Wear and I guess first semi incitement sat. Right relief that I love. Plate reunited this is going to be a great moment I was pretty young -- really been live. Along with her on the out pretty young and Tom I have with her was let -- if I had to leave it'll come up big himself. They did -- day one a day ever comes I'll be happy kids -- you -- -- pitcher out it has his giveaway that day ever comes. CSN Washington dot com.

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