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Georgetown coach John Thompson III reacts to winning Big East coach of the year


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Wed, 23 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. I'm impressed. Sorry Georgetown they have their media day on Tuesday as we look to bounce back from their first round exit. Make sure that there's someone. Or someone's. -- step up and so we had a pretty your chart record of in spite of who has just left the program burger from program golf program. We have a group of guys that are ready to step -- we will -- guys that are ready to step in and so. I think this this year will be no different this team will be under. It's tough for you always hear that you can't replace a guy that was one person and it holds extremely true team and we're not trying to replace auto -- one person no it's going to be remembered. You know I had to -- -- did everything on the floor -- rebound score. Get deflection. Good defense. You know what we're gonna do everything we can replace -- Porter and you know. -- I think moving forward that we're we're going to be very good. That you can't individually. Because he could do so much in. Helped us so many different ways. -- -- -- -- -- Same sports policy he had knew that individual accolades but at the same time. You know the same one as the saint we will continue to witness to. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I'm impressed. Sorry Georgetown they have their media day on Tuesday as we look to bounce back from their first round exit. Make sure that there's someone. Or someone's. step up and so we had a pretty your chart record of in spite of who has just left the program burger from

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  10. CSN Washington dot com. Feel I need to do better I'm always I'm always hard on myself just because every time obsessed about wanna make plays and play you know basically just being given out there and be as Smart about it justice couldn't it seeming good field position belongs he's making good

  11. CSN Washington dot com. he's just got to keep I mean figures and I'm he did he do with the spots with saying you know and I told him and you know on the I'm willing to live with it you know long as he's making good decisions it is just need to get the going to be able to block for my front I mean

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