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Maryland Basketball All-Access: Interview with Coach Mark Turgeon-7/25



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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well with the faith in Washington that come this Friday Maryland basketball Warwick sort of historic cold bill of health for the first time since 2002. I'm Brian Jackson joined by game -- and JP Finley. The last season it was no secret -- Maryland really struggled finding some consistency. In their point guard play now we know that sent Alec can score. But what will with the Roby for freshman -- Peters. Will Mark Turgeon right now is really running into me and show he really like Roddy Peters in transition -- like set down in the half court we saw. On Saturday in Maryland held an open practice and -- really was good in transition good -- people in position to score or Seth Allen. In the half court sets up that offense allows does wells. To drive to the basket all those different things so. I think was the BC to mention the possibility is there for the to play in the fourth the same time in and with Roddy Peter size at 64. That could really be an asset for them but I think at this point. Seth -- as a starter Roddy -- as the back up coming off the bench. And we're gonna see a little mix in how they play their their offensive style depending on who's their point guard. When did they were talking earlier you didn't think it. The guard play was gonna be the biggest issue for the terps with Alex went off to the NBA what do you think we can expect out of their front court. I think the bigger issue for Maryland is going to be front court scoring rebounding and just a defensive presence. You know a lot of fans last season didn't think landed enough and thought maybe he slowed the offense down. But he made such an impact offensively on any of the opponent's going to the hole Alex -- that it altered shot he blocked shots. You got a -- we gotta wonder if Shaquille clear and Charles Mitchell can have that same presence. The other guys they've got bigs you got Evans -- who's more of a shooter he's not really bang down low. And then the freshman Delonte died as a really big body in -- praised him for his motor. But he's gonna be pretty raw this season. So Shaquille clear big name coming in as a recruit last year didn't really have an impact as a freshman Charles Mitchell did at times looked really strong but. Chuck Mitchell could never really get it going when he started he was better as a bench player and will that continue this season who's gonna -- the starter lot of questions for the terps front court. And I think you know clear and Mitchell can kind of work in combination because. Mark Turgeon and said that there's really no big defense and shot blocking presence would like mention. So they're gonna have to kind of fill in the void as they can write -- so clear -- are gonna be space -- down low. But it's gonna condemn that perimeter defense and can they stop guys from getting the basket because there's no guy like -- their to a race that I. I think they'll get points I mean -- wells is gonna score except Allen's gonna score Jake layman looks like he could light it up this season. Defensively is where it is going to be the questions specifically upfront against some new bangers in the ACC got Syracuse coming in Duke's got a loaded front line. It's always got big bodies they're throwing matches it's it's going to be interest. That it will be and we're just about three weeks away from the start of Maryland's season that opened up with an exhibition matchup against Catholic university. We're JP Philly and then you Barton I'm Brian Jackson received from Washington that got. CSN Washington dot com.

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  20. CSN Washington dot com. And I came here to build a great program and where were taken steps towards that were much. Actually five further along than stated that after being on the job for a few days. And I don't wanna finish strong you know we really want that when Virginia won a quality road when