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Mike London on Duke: "We're excited for the challenge."



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Wed, 16 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Why person bought that talked about the players incredible effort you know towards the latter part of the game. And put yourself in position did it to win it you know at the end there. Great resolve and resiliency but. You know got to make him make that kick in in dodges were out Bulls -- that put also third 22. The situation they converted knock it down in the game's over. You know it always blows down about 45 plays -- if you're on the plus side of that and you get a chance to win and so. We came back to work on that Sunday. Had a great practice. On Tuesday and today and and the players are really. I'm excited about the opportunity at home -- do another ACC conference game. It is all those things it. Ready and and will you move forward -- It when we look at the play of leaders are doing well third down situations. -- -- -- You know we just have to be more consistent when the ball's in the air and can testing some of those balls thrown in the year. As a -- that we had this past game we -- -- cancel two footballs. That did it didn't turn to interceptions force in exchange -- and so. I believe we're we're moving in the right direction which you got to make those plays on the ball when the opportunity presents itself. And I I think when that happens and you know good things happen you get the ball back for the alternates who had plane played well. And -- and -- chance extend drives and score. Yeah there's there's no consolation -- saw a close game losing. What we talked about -- progress applaud the office. Did a nice job -- no sacks in its defense that was the top five in the country in sacks. I'll be rushed for over two -- something yards was was very important as a positive note. All we had no turnovers you know office which was against something that has been such an issue for so. David whopper played his best game in terms of -- now and in moving movement field move the team. It's so there's a lot of positives that go with that in it looked to build on that hasn't played very good Duke Team. You know they they they did and that was -- has done a nice job with. It is scheme these systems he has there. On guys quarterback back. Just on the day of the game. Because some freak accident happened with the a quarterback it was going to be the starter so you know they they have very good players Crowder is one of the the best receivers in the ACC statistically. You see him one film he's very athletic he's he's in the return game for special teams as well so. It's a good team that -- this comes Scott stadium but we're we're excited by the challenge. No just Chris extremely proud of you now all of them when he was with the Cowboys -- was with the Giants. And now you know as with the Ravens Chris does a great job and his foundation. You know in Charlotte. -- product having an opportunity coach and he's got a great family. And I wish him the best and this season here for the Raiders. CSN Washington dot com.

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  3. CSN Washington dot com. It's been Are really good week of practice and understanding that you know turnovers and never lead to a good thing. In particular some that was uncharacteristic of us was penalties. And they understand that you got to limit those two areas specifically internal resorting

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  7. CSN Washington dot com ball the message you know not you know two different. Office as offices special teams positions but. You know to the team mean. You know we are into. We have a home game here against very good Ball State team. Now we need to play our best football we needed shall progress as

  8. CSN Washington dot com. and asking here. Wanna send my congratulations. To London Fletcher. To learn 44. Straight football games impressive. A record I had for the last ten years couldn't have been a better

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  12. CSN Washington dot com. Daniel was. It walk foresee the was recruited by their track team and he wanted to and also trying to footballers opportunity. You know it's pretty good numbers as track athlete of time schools southwest Virginia. And by the more you know just she loses in shadows there will

  13. he goes guys completely you got to do great job trend neutralize them You know not and then deep balls and all those areas. London Fletcher had an uncharacteristically. Quiet game last week I would say one solo tackle one combined tackle. Any reason for

  14. he goes guys completely you got to do great job trend neutralize them You know not and then deep balls and all those areas. London Fletcher had an uncharacteristically. Quiet game last week I would say one solo tackle one combined tackle. Any reason for

  15. CSN Washington dot com. Would you look at our our particular schedule we actually have to show. This one was no one I would say we come off two very physical game for BYU in the organ. You know we have some guys that got banged up ankle injuries. It the timing for us was was was why don't and the

  16. thirty tackles the biggest offenders had Ben not Josh Wilson. London Fletcher in the Carter Rambo has missed four wheel since the ..... also missed four that's just too Pretty surprised to hear London game on that list second down. Much has been mark the season

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  18. CSN Washington dot com. This is it sports net central update. Firefighter Chris for CSN Washington dot com we are one day away from the skins season opener. And there's always something special and air when it comes to Monday Night Football. Every player says he gets a little more pumped up to play

  19. Didn't have that can certainly joke right now because he's got Brian back in the defense the defense led by the Iron Man London Fletcher. Will play in his two and 41. Consecutive game. They also might wanna add some oxygen tanks on the sidelines with

  20. CSN Washington dot com. I think it was it was a great victory for the entire team for the players and coaches. And I think by the resiliency that the players had me it was a a two hour ten minute delay. You know and we could've folded but that that's a very good BYU team that's experienced. On