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Gameday preview: Maryland vs. West Virginia



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Wed, 18 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. It's been a few years since the terps have been in a big game but what do you know they've got one this weekend against West Virginia. And you're former Maryland quarterback Scott with Brian and our terps insider Daniel Marten and we're gonna break down the terps mountaineers game. Scott let's start with you you've got some experience playing in these big games you were. Gator Bowl MVP peach bowl MVP tell us what does the three and oh start mean for Maryland and what's he gonna do move forward. Well it's going to be a lot of big confidence boost you know any time we start off the year going three you know it if it does wonders for your team. On. With all three phases offense defense special teams. You know I was fortunate enough to go three and now. -- I went 01 my first two career my for my last two years so it was tough start for me but. We -- -- rattled off seven and eight road to finish off the year but difference terps are playing well this year. The offense is clicking the defense is playing well against big players on special teams so you know they can continue to do that hopefully going to win number four. Gotcha and Daniel you tell us the terps have lost that's -- McDougal and Jeremiah Johnson they're not going to be here this game how does that defense -- just face in the mountaineer offense. We'll thing and it's kind of you know both. Odd and unfortunate is that come at a training camp. This was the defense the end -- -- -- was most confident his secondary was supposed to be that security point -- -- McDougal and Johnson on the outside. The -- help the younger pass rush there was still getting his feet wet. You know get to the quarterback so now the script -- is kind of flipped you've got young guys on the outside will likely -- goings Calvin Hill. And the pass rush is what's gonna be key this week markets with fielding -- -- -- -- -- guys who can get to the quarterback they're gonna be the ones that need to carry this defense. Because the secondary is a little bit untested so. Against west Virginia's air raid offense they're gonna get some work on. -- -- gonna bring it and the secondary needs to be ready. Yeah that offense is always ready to play ball move the ball quick. Scott you've played for both Maryland and for West Virginia. You've been in big games like this the terps haven't beaten the mountaineers in seven tries what's one key this weekend that Maryland needs to do to win this game. What pick one -- is not beat themselves JP you can't turn the ball over and saw the red zone and you can't fumble the football you can't have. You know bonehead plays you can throw interceptions and you know I think if Maryland can continue to move the ball. You know first three games have got -- -- 500 yards of offense if they can continue to do that I think can be in good shape. And on the defensive side of the ball keep -- passer like pants that. They can keep rushing the passer and make him feel more comfortable they don't have to sack him. But they can make him feel comfortable in the pocket he's -- for a couple picks as well hopefully defense can capitalize bouncer. Big plays where it all comes down to my one -- Stephon digs. Thanks for Watson's there was CSN Washington dot com for all your terps football coverage Scott Brian Daniel Martin -- Finley. CSN Washington dot com.

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