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PSU trustees fire Joe Paterno, Graham Spanier-11/9



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Wed, 9 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Saturday Joseph Paterno is former assistant. Jerry sandusky indicted on forty count of sexual crimes against young -- four days later. Joseph Paterno the top man at Penn State. A man in charge of knowing all that goes on there is out after his staff and administrators allegedly covered up the awful mess. That sandusky created. It is in the best interests. Of the university. That a change in leadership to deal. With -- difficult issues that we are facing. The board of trustees and grandstand here decided that effective immediately. The opportunity here there's no longer president of the university. In addition. Joseph Paterno is no longer than a football -- Effective immediately. These decisions were made after careful deliberations. And in the best interests. The university as a. -- we thought that because of the difficulties that have been built our university and they are great. As you well documented. -- it was necessary for us to make a change in the leadership. He set a course for a new direction. We don't know that we could put our hands on. Cultural changes -- pursue a I think our culture on the whole Penn State is exemplary in very good in this instance obviously it's not. I think we have a good culture to the extent we need to improve in certain areas we will put our full energy in doing that the Mets should be able to result. But investigation will be conducted I would hope that everyone would agree that what we're doing is what we believe in our best judgment. Is in the best long term interest of the universities which is much larger. Than athletic program. -- tour -- the scene as the fans they're students as well filled the streets in state college shortly after the announcement was made. Students gathering on campus in support of major Paterno he is out 33 years just -- coach Tom Bradley -- the interim coach for now at one point the crowd chanting hell no. Joseph won't go -- left to one location and fled to another. This is expected to last long into the night. Also gone as you heard as the president Graham Spaniard and his place Penn State proved most Rodney Erickson CSN Washington dot com.

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