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John Feinstein talks about the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal at Penn State-11/7



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Mon, 23 Jul 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. -- one team to be GAO Harris for classified -- seriousness of these stats sections for me do you consider this more serious than the death penalty. Well leave those kind of judgments to all of you obviously these are very very serious sanctions we certainly hope and I know. President -- executive committee hope that these. The the F find this being imposed will. Allow some very serious good to be done not out of the circumstance. The they imposition of -- both. The B the corrective measures and the punitive actions will almost certainly have a significant impact on the university that's their intention. I'll leave it to all of you to speculate whether that's better or worse I think one of the on this characterizations that is out there that that they had these families are coming somehow instead of the death penalty I think that would be. A false assumption if they definitely were to be imposed I'm quite sure that the executive -- and I may ask. President greatest figure this the executive committee and I most certainly would not have agreed to just the death penalty would have included other penalties as well president right. Let me just read it that in our discussion in the executive committee in the division one board. We yet we were very clear that in talking about options. We were always if the death penalty were to be considered -- suspension of play really is appropriate. That that in and of itself would not be the only penalties and other elements would be there not just punitive but corrected the kind that -- president -- talked about. There was discussion there was I think some preliminary. Samson and I can only tell you that overwhelmingly. The executive committee and the division one board. Did not feel that the suspension of play would be appropriate. And for the measures that you just heard about. Those who were able to participate in the conversation both the executive committee. And the division one board of presidents and chancellors. Unanimously. Supported. The actions that you heard about this morning CSN Washington dot com.

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