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Terps have questions at point guard and down low



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Thu, 17 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com -- last season rattle off four quarterbacks this season ending injuries. But this year that everybody has made its way to the -- the side of the ball brain Dixon joined by. JP -- and Daniel -- -- the terps already without their two starting cornerbacks and they've lost. My back Yani Kudrow virtual tour season in the pectoral injury so I have a little fun replace him. Well the thing that they were able to do within those weeks that deal after the loss -- MacDougal after they lost Jeremiah Johnson was continue to get. Pressure on the quarterback can get to the quarterbacks of that that secondary. Was eased up a little bit -- -- Virgil was very integral. In making that happen now that he's out a lot more falls on Marcus Whitfield who is in the top ten in the country in sacks to get to the quarterback because. They're -- the slot and Alex Alex point he's done well on special teams. Include -- Virgil spot but that's secondary is depleted that line backing corps is depleted so -- really gonna come down the pass -- But that's about all of those injuries coach Randy -- -- responded in typical coach speak best and saying he's not really concerned about injuries -- they're gonna happen and he's not gonna cry about them. But the good thing for the terps is that they will give CJ brown back this week against weak force so. -- the question is what all these injuries on the defensive side of the ball is off was going to be kind of know what to do even more. They've got to I mean if the offense doesn't step up this week defense is just so many players down that -- got a book put points up and make this -- Paul game. When it comes and in this game and not a high scoring team but CJ brown. -- along stepped Diggs those guys are gonna have to. Just create a lot of offense and even more important than that is they got to limit the turnovers. That you BA game was a nail biter and it was because the terps gave the ball three times. Cut that down run the ball stay effective stay within your system and I think the terps will be just fine this week. The Browns really gonna have his hands full with the weight forcing that forced 46 and hit two picks in her last outing. For JP Philly Daniel Martin I'm Brian Jackson -- season Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Will Maryland overcome all the defensive injuries?

    brain Dixon joined by. JP and Daniel the terps already without their two starting cornerbacks ..... cry about them. But the good thing for the terps is that they will give CJ brown back ..... game was a nail biter and it was because the terps gave the ball three times. Cut that

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  1. CSN Washington dot com. Why person bought that talked about the players incredible effort you know towards the latter part of the game. And put yourself in position did it to win it you know at the end there. Great resolve and resiliency but. You know got to make him make that kick in in dodges

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    Saint Mary's coach Randy Bennett must serve a five-game suspension as the NCAA has upheld penalties against the program for recruiting violations.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Every game's been hard for us or been it's going to write him the fourth quarter. And physically rest a little bit mentally didn't really affect the last. It's it's got to get a couple guys are kind of nicked up and come back fully healthy and I'll applaud those guys are

  4. CSN Washington dot com. It's disappointed didn't want to have to go down like put this deadbeat dad right there you know so. Our guys believe delivered Dolan. Got to keep. Now what they did a nice job today and just stop. Don't regular had divorced and one at that position we'll have a chance to

  5. CSN Washington dot com very happy for our players and coaches for for battling for full sixty minutes and come away with a with a win. And thank you we had we had had to have guys step up today and then they did we're getting better we're getting closer. Again it was just a true team effort today

  6. for him understand he went to community college yeah Assad. In Iraq I. I know where he's coming probably don't have the NCAA football yeah obviously yeah yeah. But the thing at all any credit about Lakers there. All right gentlemen this is a tough

  7. CSN Washington dot com. Joining us now is Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer. Coach following last weekends when it's North Carolina you returned to the top 25. Do you want your guys to take pride in that or forget about it and keep working. On is. A week to week you know right now we're in the

  8. those points and I'm gonna take Maryland . Tony to. Homer I'll you know ..... are expecting. Everybody thinks the terps are gonna come out kind of blow away ..... last second touchdown thwarted from Maryland . And that would do for this week

  9. CSN Washington dot com. Today was the University of Maryland women's basketball team's media day in high hopes for the terps this season they return all but one player from the team that lost to UConn sweet sixteen. Head coach Brenda a squad

  10. get better improve. In play good competitive game against Maryland . Well not just them you know other players you know Kevin ..... task at hand in the past games is insanity is a very very good Maryland football team. While I don't know about me particularly

  11. CSN Washington dot com. We weren't very good four states are very good team I take full responsibility. For this and we didn't play well offensively defensively special teams. I'm in coach. As well as we needed to today but. I know the guys in the locker room I know who they are tend I know the

  12. school senior basketball player. Phenomenal. Six foot ten inch center announced Friday that he plans to play for defending NCAA champion. We've built car. So boo because you know half of the most comfortable enough The coaches who like me in the please

  13. Csnwashington.com. What is it that you learn from what would you know. Every time I talk to any coach in basketball. A ball but these they trying to instill in their play at Davidson his name what was that you picked up from there wouldn't be your post. Well I think that there a number of things

  14. CSN Washington dot com. Coaches to. opportunity that's in front guys are coming off of why we got two football teams that are playing at a high level right now. What is it been like around campus this. Well I mean for me it's it's been. Normal good thing for our for our players I'm sure that

  15. Definitely going to be it. Process and I can't wait so I can. Come back with the Florida State that he and I give the digestive the terps are right now he is what I heard you tell me this morning so. Hate bit of bad news to him next week is come. Because I had

  16. CSN Washington dot com. And joining us now from Blacksburg that Virginia is Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer coach great to have US says all of win last week at Georgia attack. I'm gonna take it this is what you've been wind to see from your team. Yeah we've made improvement we. There's a more

  17. accomplished and I'm just glad go play the small role his career. Maryland do very well. Won't be more reality today CC does give you thoughts on that movement. Then everybody talks about the Duke Maryland while we build a name is Colin and I played just relax and

  18. Washington dot com. sports net central update. Every line called Aaron here you've got sports net central update at four and oh the terps football team has looking good and the future. And looking good team multiple reports have Randy getting a verbal commitment

  19. State. Before finally settling in Maryland . You can also say he's very worldly ..... tightest phills heart still lies in Maryland . To and explains. He was a four star recruit from Upper Marlboro Maryland and even though he had dreams of becoming

  20. CSN Washington dot com. Opposite object has been nothing short of amazing this season and the only old saying that even when he doesn't have the ball and we can happen. Yeah I won't Randy Edsall he says phils aren't exactly how that happens. And this helps us. 101. With Randy Edsall is brought to