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  1. San Jose State falls to New Mexico 70-53


    Sun, 20 Jan 2013

    San Jose State went scoreless for the last 3:57 of the first half en route to a 70-53 walloping by New Mexico State .

  2. San Jose State falls to Utah State 66-60


    Sat, 12 Jan 2013

    D.J. Brown led the Spartans (9-7, 3-2) with 16 points, but SJSU could not overcome Utah State, giving the Aggies a 13-game winning streak.

  3. referee didn't flag so I was going to get to countless man has been announced on my mind now register. Our game plan and then Aggies were right hands on the plane you know try to get a bit pick their brains who go into it you know so. This what is about to

  4. Fales, SJSU rout New Mexico State , 47-7


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    David Fales threw for 276 yards and four touchdowns on Saturday and San Jose State rolled to a 47-7 victory over New Mexico State .

  5. SJSU looks to add another win to bowl resume


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    New Mexico State completes a four-week series of worry-free opponents for the Spartans as San Jose looks to pile on wins for bowl suitors.

  6. down prospect of losing in the sweet sixteen after trailing by as many as eighteen voices defending national champion Texas CNN Aggies . The Maryland women showed grit heart and downright toughness down the stretch. Become an elite for the four time since 2006

  7. CSN Washington dot com. When you get to the sweet sixteen in the NCAA and you can you cannot expect an easy game in the Maryland women's team understands that. As they get ready for the Texas and and the defending national champs Brenda free is looking forward to the challenge. We're looking

  8. Texas Stadium on a similar network a few years ago and the yanks refused because. Can think we're making money. Now some Aggies will beg you to believe that this move leaves Texas and a week in conference with no place to go the rest of us. Mainly those

  9. PS did Washington dot com. Except in the Maryland job early tonight. And to get an offer for for pass on. Imminent the most difficult with the players. Guys have done there they have asked for four years he had a great right. And down and over and they really get to me too so. Those those are the

  10. gets in Washington dot com. Joining us now on the phone is the man who has been on top of the story from the very beginning Jeff Goodman senior basketball writer for foxsports.com. Jeff and you just got off the phone with mark turgeon why did you decide to take this job. Well like you said I mean

  11. Diaz Washington dot com Eric pleased to have you with us we wouldn't Maryland in the fun of disbelieving about the tire that we're just learning as of tonight. Well today it great hire for Maryland. Got little entry very happy. With landing mark turgeon after a wild weekend and really didn't know

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