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After beating BYU, UVa looks ahead to Oregon



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Wed, 4 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. I think -- it was it was a great victory for the entire team for the players and coaches. And I think by the resiliency that the players had me it was a a two hour ten minute delay. You know -- and we could've folded but that that's a very good BYU team that's experienced. On their defense was number one number two in the country last year and we've put enough points on the board at the end to win and so it was a it was a good victory for the program. Now my -- that I -- a loss of voice their you know but right after the started the third quarter but. You know it's it was an emotional game and in terms of just the ebb and flow and went back and forth and you know every play you know was a big play -- actually. The last you know last few six plays of the game kind of determined you know the direction. And it was just exciting to watch. All are still fairly young team you know mature a little bit. And and gain victory over very experienced team -- you know Anthony's is an experienced player forces starter last year and secondary and and being able to make you know big plays not only on defense put obviously special teams. You know Anthony's -- one of our team leaders and he's a great young man great represented this university. You know one of the things -- does is he can he can they -- free safety which was completed people but also he can. PC is down in the box you know that eighth defender when you when you have bring you see that he can make plays that way so. We're gonna have to change roles you know got to go back and forth will we have asked him to do would definitely you'll have to be one of those guys in the box. Because they got great players you know obviously -- one of the best better players in the country. But the quarterback very -- he's fantastic as well they got a throwing game the the matches the office of the running game so. We're gonna have to make sure we try to put it to be in that position to help us. You know that pin on how they're going to attack us a lot and it is gonna have to have another good game. On me the reality of it is with the social media TV and in print things like that everyone knows about this or his team everyone knows about the uniforms everyone knows about. New facilities that they have I mean you know their national brand has been marketed by by Nike. You know our our our charges to you know eight they put their pants on the same way we do. We have to execute our game plan as as I know they are the two competent doing. But it's about us more than anything else and have another. High high volume you know high temple office. Like BYU did you know we put a lot of points as you said. One of the they had the best turnover margin you're in the country because they scored also get the ball back you know defense. So our work is cut out forces do we need to do we need to be simpler game plan our hats and our gap rally to the football and we'll have to make a lot of open field tackles you know they spreads you out it. You know again we respect all opponents you don't hear them but we respect them. We know they have talented players split you know it's it's it's not a home game for us. National spotlight game -- any chance to show we can do. -- you know it's hard to simulate that I think. One of the things we we found out just threw you gather information at the you know last this past Saturday BYU averaged about sixteen point seven seconds per play. And you threw through information -- -- organ. Ran a play against the team they played. Which averaged about sixteen points and so the paste if not faster will be asked fast and being able to get acclimated to that is going to be critical be key for us. Get lined up and get the right calls this it before had the gap. I'll make sure the coverages are or sound. And and the rally to the football and that's that's the best you can do it in the -- -- get a break here and there you know we play hard. We play fast as well and and I just know that that each of us are gonna have to rely on each other because again you're going it's a team it. Is it is is highly touted. In you know -- and number two number three you know excellent football team. What they're playing -- and Charles who Virginia's -- Well you know when you look at and -- -- talk about Chip Kelly leaving and going to the Eagles and what was or is going to be looks to me they had missed a beat I mean obviously Scott for losses is called the other plays out who's helped ridges. Is still running the same system and the players -- used to the system and temple. In this scheme. They execute well and it is no secret why the last four years of average almost 45 points. A game and you know why -- -- such a high -- -- office so they do play well they they they play well as a team. There's a system and culture that they have and and that's why there's good as they are so. Again you know we can't get into all the things that they are we just have to worry about what Virginia is what we have to do and and then able to play good game on Saturday. CSN Washington dot com.

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