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John Feinstein talks about the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal at Penn State-11/7



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Mon, 23 Jul 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. When these intentions in mind the executive committee of the division on board and I have agreed upon the following sanctions. First. The NCAA is imposing a fine of sixty million dollars on the university. With the funds to be used to establish an endowment to support programs around the nation. The serve the victims of child sexual abuse and -- to prevent such abuse from happening. This amount is equivalent of one year's gross revenue of the football team. Second. Penn State football will be banned from bowl games than any other post season play for four years. Third. Penn State's football team will have its initial scholarships reduced from 25. To fifteen per year. For a period of four years. In order to minimize the negative impact on student athletes. The NCA we'll allow any entering or returning football student athletes to transfer. And immediately compete at the transfer university. Provided he is otherwise eligible. Further. Any football student athlete who wants to retain. Hit a remain at Penn State may retain his athletic grant made as long as he meets and maintains appropriate academic requirements. Regardless of whether he competes on the football team. Fourth. The NCA vacate all wins of the Penn State football team from 1998. To 2011. And the records will reflect these changes. Fifth. The university athletic program will serve a five year probationary period during which. It must work with an academic integrity monitor of the association's choosing. And finally in the NCAA is reserving the right to initiate a formal investigation. And disciplinary processes. To impose sanctions as needed on individuals involved in this case. After the conclusion of any criminal proceedings. CSN Washington dot com.

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