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Redskins Nation: Jenkins on his road to recovery



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  2. Washington Redskins3:27
  3. Monaco1:11
  4. South Carolina1:03
  5. red noses2:00
  6. neck injury0:26
  7. pre season0:45
  8. defensive line2:46, 3:26
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  10. Clemson tiger0:10, 1:02
Fri, 30 Mar 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Off the addition of Redskins nation with the Clemson tiger charges today. Work hard and say. Everybody in this building so prodding you for the time you pitted as that you got hurt last year I guess for you you wish to season we'll start sooner than September. You have -- -- and I'm ready to go rumors really commitment ever neck injury so sort of get used to Webber work cause the dedicated Summers ago. Now we understand from coach Shanahan told us that you attended all the team meetings and all the meetings but wall you were recuperating in rehab in which is. Condom than usual why did you do that sort of thing is your normal rookie you know still coming Laura here are gonna hurt pre season so. And every -- had the leeway to do is leave. -- allow us to stay here you know -- -- teammates armor and a pleasing you know also just -- appointments and -- -- volatile left Mota came later. Started off freshen him as one of the one of them. Now what decision did you ask about your college days Clemson tiger in your native South Carolina will wager. Decision when it came down to picking a college I mean could you many gamecocks. Michael Monaco wasn't in my tough Bobble a problem with the clips -- -- to Georgia alum. Threw well when the clips and Cabrera and academics and athletics and the thing was that says the play earlier Clemson then also -- at home so. -- -- and have a firm supporter -- motivated me to go to clubs and also -- who embarrasses. Right decision but did you get a chance to beat the terps. Our big it is beautiful man but if you did did did they just tackle Bryant idea of all manner that it felt quite Jarvis -- got -- -- the president a stipulation. How how tough was what happens to you last year and the guy came in here and I know your super confident guy got a great personality. In the coaching staff just loves the death. Then you get hurt how tough was that. It was gonna hard as you know I mean even when you stop lists -- university hits and you gotta be strong -- when I got hurt red noses and everything just -- to root -- there available and good for me you know all's well formerly Kim I don't want to almost. Learn plays and I was in the corners and in barber in the speed a bit of a game in. Was what got hurt I was having a good decision loses does that can most of the debate class and that's about it they were raving about you in Tampa mean. And he went down the Baltimore game when you went through some weeks of camp did you feel to coach were feeling you a little bit and I did you know -- -- -- You've been written so they could really. Comments about that one today and it could really give you two must praise but I mean I've got a federal Camara -- they've been all our work in oh -- dedicated our -- with so and have more time. You know you are almost to the man another might be a couple of guys go -- and a Kedric Golston still unsigned but almost to a man. It's the same defensive line for you so and obviously Jacob -- is your coach so. I would think that that chemistry carries over nicely for you it's really going to be a second first year for you. Oh yeah memoranda of federal limits are carried a bag you know it would -- Cofield novels Gaza Millman and if Scott -- we're we're we're really -- Reynoso and -- always follows a very close slow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who are -- says they could really go to a game on beyond us but I was what seemed every day. Every day every Sunday minnows come -- does is go today environment normative play. Well you know what Jacob -- is a very unique individual defensive line coach for the Washington Redskins on the last. Jarvis hear what he thinks of Jacob Burney who was not the healthiest man every day of the weight I have. That's coming up next on -- CSN Washington dot com.

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