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Chimera to Bettman: You're ruining people's lives



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Thu, 10 Oct 2013|

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Csnwashington.com. That both of you guys are very familiar. With Dallas week that Cowboys and Redskins rivalry. But there's another rivalry that's real close to your heart and that's of course the Ohio State Michigan rivalry now I have to say before we get started I did not make scenes. Fancy cards for nothing we're gonna play another game that and I need you guys really make the most out of my arts and crafts efforts here. Yes you lost both of the first two rounds of the show and I eat a compelling argument. Which is the rivalry is it skins Cowboys or is -- Ohio State. Mission and when -- on speak now they'll hold my peace. Hit it and it's great skiing Cowboys let me get. In daily double in sports in America in the world so right now what I'm about two and all of these teams. To a -- most history reads seeing the Cowboys to raise its game I've played and I've failed it. I breathe -- -- Brady I've Johnson. How everybody is there any way to cap was raised in that England compared to -- they'll. -- us all right follow up question for you -- -- could be and the Tony Romo fan club know them but yeah I know that they're. -- -- -- -- earlier and you believe you had please clear that up. For no I would ask questions. And when you walk -- moves question you have to you have -- bars and I have the truth and we have right now probably won't always play better than a lot of wins in the NFC's right now and he wants to speak to -- record yet things went in about -- -- I'm -- -- -- was a better team is set up to go when you're not this -- team to -- game -- -- -- -- in the -- -- not a -- -- faith that you there's no question I gave -- there I. I can't -- you're not I'm not. Yeah I think that's. And admitted -- realistic though they know the truth about you and your pay us -- the Cowboys. Well that just got that I grew up in the cowboys' locker room that is true my father. Play for the Cowboys speak when legendary coach Tom Landry damp breeze -- would -- to stop bad break -- -- all of those guys had the privilege to be on balls out of the argument. Well I'll do love the Cowboys because my dad but also -- -- -- -- a Redskins because the the system and. So I'll understand our probably. Conflict college football and their two greatest alumni association. Programs in college football. You know so we'll see a black belt Woody Hayes you know serve in my -- I was working as a national championship the cradle of coaches in Ohio. Ohio State Michigan game 12 o'clock every year we look forward to that using the national ten championship game of golf to Columbus or Michigan. Maybe you've been SEC have I mean it's true run that I will say this. There's nothing life. Students and 400000 people in the stands and that college football atmosphere is the best -- game is about okay is that takes DC. Vs the whole state that takes DT vs the entire state of Texas this daddy's theory. How you are going to be there -- I would college students. How do you gonna be some is being here some this north south some -- so different. No it -- -- would bottle comes I mean I Mikell like Agassi's most point as far heart for him understand he went to community college yeah Assad. In Iraq I. I know where he's coming probably don't have the NCAA football yeah obviously yeah yeah. But the thing at all any credit -- about Lakers there. All right gentlemen this is a tough one. But I don't even know what a buckeye is some have to go with a little. Bit. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Tony Bennett on Virginia's first round matchup vs. Florida

    CSN Washington dot com. It's a team that you know they're gonna score though the user athletic schism in transition. But they're spacing is a thing that you notice and very aggressive you've got again. Make them shoot contested shots keep him out of the lane but get there really got to work on a

  2. Virginia's defense to get tested by Florida's offense

    CSN Washington dot com. Their ability to shoot the three and make history you not shooters the makers of it will certainly be a great test for our defensive system. In our ability to make them and then they can put pressure on. I like the magic privileges because he got hit the play and the way

  3. Smoot vs. Springs: Biggest football rivalry?

    championship game of golf to Columbus or Michigan. Maybe you've been SEC have I mean it's true run that I will say this. There's ..... Iraq I. I know where he's coming probably don't have the NCAA football yeah obviously yeah yeah. But the thing at all any

  4. WPL: Ivan Carter 1-on-1 with Gus Johnson- 8/30

    plus teams we have. You know pac twelve big well. Big Ten and SEC . Just big east and there's so there's so many more teams ..... him ruling popular with college these kids cost him his in the NCAA tournament. football. Do you see that style carrying over that

  1. CSN Washington dot com. Why person bought that talked about the players incredible effort you know towards the latter part of the game. And put yourself in position did it to win it you know at the end there. Great resolve and resiliency but. You know got to make him make that kick in in dodges

  2. NCAA upholds Bennett's five-game suspension


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    Saint Mary's coach Randy Bennett must serve a five-game suspension as the NCAA has upheld penalties against the program for recruiting violations.

  3. Hokies win another close one


    Sun, 13 Oct 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Every game's been hard for us or been it's going to write him the fourth quarter. And physically rest a little bit mentally didn't really affect the last. It's it's got to get a couple guys are kind of nicked up and come back fully healthy and I'll applaud those guys are

  4. CSN Washington dot com. Joining us now is Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer. Coach following last weekends when it's North Carolina you returned to the top 25. Do you want your guys to take pride in that or forget about it and keep working. On is. A week to week you know right now we're in the

  5. CSN Washington dot com. It's been Are really good week of practice and understanding that you know turnovers and never lead to a good thing. In particular some that was uncharacteristic of us was penalties. And they understand that you got to limit those two areas specifically internal resorting

  6. Table Manners with Ali Krieger


    Tue, 8 Oct 2013

    they give you car into a war. Aids and they study up apartment and we're sponsored by the end of the volley. Ireland let us SEC game this This is it was a little 35 I hit terrible in his kind of realized I had good. Cardenas a lot of big time. He's

  7. school senior basketball player. Phenomenal. Six foot ten inch center announced Friday that he plans to play for defending NCAA champion. We've built car. So boo because you know half of the most comfortable enough The coaches who like me in the please

  8. Csnwashington.com. What is it that you learn from what would you know. Every time I talk to any coach in basketball. A ball but these they trying to instill in their play at Davidson his name what was that you picked up from there wouldn't be your post. Well I think that there a number of things

  9. CSN Washington dot com. And joining us now from Blacksburg that Virginia is Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer coach great to have US says all of win last week at Georgia attack. I'm gonna take it this is what you've been wind to see from your team. Yeah we've made improvement we. There's a more

  10. the demotion but he understood it with coach we also says quote I'm reading here. The speed of the game. Everybody says the SEC worries from the University of Georgia is the most and it felt like conference gotten off it's not. It's a whole lot different

  11. CSN Washington dot com. We 101 with Randy Edsall is brought to you by Jim Coleman hundred dot com. When we as coaches study film and put a game plan together. Now in New York for us just to get them to go out and executed and when. When they do these things and we tell them we put play and we'll do

  12. Hokies look to rebound in 2013


    Fri, 30 Aug 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Meanwhile the Virginia Tech Hokies have a reputation of playing blue collar football with a lunch pail work ethic. They also have a reputation of winning the Hokies have finished in the top 2016 of the past 21 seasons. An in the top 104 of the last nine years so last year's

  13. CSN Washington dot com. I think like any relationship you know it's the key thing is get get a chance to know each other. And having sprained the other early part of August camp. You know there's a familiarity with the coaches and with the players and the players of the coaches I think it there's

  14. CSN Washington dot com. Coach Randy Edsall is entering his 33 season in the coaching profession and last season ranked pretty high for him as far as adversity goes. Probably number one just because of going through what we went through with the quarterback position with the injuries I don't. That's

  15. bag but Corey Rambo got a penalty after rushing touchdowns. And it's flat out got embarrassed by Chris Johnson to say the SEC . Blog in the NFL. Absolutely welcome to the NFL I mean you know it we talked to him after the game and he said look they

  16. with the on next week see what I do better. Those guys were just given the car Rambo a hard time about that play I mean the SEC there's been and then there's speed in the NFL. And you look at them at the moment. I Chris Johnson broke become my record

  17. fifteen snaps. But he needs to instill some confidence he's got full command of the offense. As for Rambo he played in the SEC he's played on the big stage which no he hasn't played against. Guys like Kenny Britt and other NFL wide receivers who are

  18. to school in Washington DC area. He played for the united play for the DC don't this team doesn't mean. I think in the NCAA Astoria a George Mason is on ten as well than they have. You know did you maintain have enough time team with some announcements

  19. position you got Derrick Rose. You got Irving where does he rank among those players. Woman and figure Grossman took a said the NCAA tournament. A couple of years ago but. All players when they leave early from college. Need to get better or something Derrick

  20. Report: Biogenesis linked to NBA, NCAA , others


    Thu, 25 Jul 2013

    The whistleblower who came forward to give the Miami New Times information that blew up Biogenesis into a scandal, told ESPN that there are NBA players who used the clinic.