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Wed, 11 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back the Geico football tonight we welcome and former NFL offensive linemen Derrick Dockery probably looks familiar to you Redskins fans. He spent six years here in Washington a couple of Buffalo. Couple last steered enemy territory Derek I'm not real sure about that though I know your Texas guy. But you gotta tell me we haven't seen you around these parts since 2010 so what have you been knocked him. Well thank you for having me it's I'm excited to be in be on the so if you guys while these past two years -- Play with the Dallas Cowboys. -- in a room I went back to school got my graduate degree government NBA's Northwestern University. Also. -- are officially retire with the Washington Redskins this past week. I go to the risky and so he just does lie with the Redskins. Play that was -- in my career with the Washington. And so now being retired as a lot of time those -- a lot of time with my family also for the same time my wife and I started a nonprofit the military initiative. -- you lose your mind that because we believe that our men and women that serve our country on a million courageously deserve. All the help them all that we can give to them so that's what I've been doing lately. Well -- we completely support you and your endeavors -- excited for you on this kind of second half of your professional career. It is time now for Ford down so first down. They're Redskins got crushed by the Eagles the first half is absolutely atrocious the skins Phelps won 87 at half time. A lot of things went wrong -- especially in the first half but what do you think with the biggest reasons that the Redskins lives well. When I played with Sarkozy of yours -- really good start fast and finish strong. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To run the football I -- really put them behind the eight ball I put a lot of pressure on Robert Griffin on the turnovers. So I think you know when you give a team like Philadelphia team they're lovely you know possessed the ball. A lot of possessions a lot of plays. I think that puts you behind so I was contribute your loss to his inability. Run the football the turnover that they gave the Philadelphia Eagles. All right other lucky they ended. The way it did second down NFC east went head to head this weekend obviously the Eagles want to know. And the Cowboys took care of business against the Giants on Sunday night so. Garrett became none of the wire last year couldn't you say we'll win the NFC. Well I I have to give the -- through the Washington Redskins. Tonight because. My reasons by the directors that I think their ability to have a a great running game. Keeping -- sophomores. Robert Griffin what he's done. I think. Effective in there and also you think about Dallas the thing about Philadelphia and New York is going to be very tough. Competitive division but in the end because the running game because you know very found deep into the net after -- for the Washington. Our car. Left tackle Trent Williams enjoyed his first Pro Bowl season last year. That after overcoming a turbulent second year in the league mark by suspensions and injuries. This year the team named him offensive captain. Why this kid with so much faith in this guy. Well my first you're Smart when I came back first it was much better opportunity to play -- -- -- I think he's a very talented young bright offensive lineman. Very athletic very explosive topic -- fell far apart the maturation process. -- when he came there on the they've put a lot of -- a lot of experts on his shoulders to really you know we've got over the line I think for me right now is really coming here was owned. First probable. Look to see him of being a perennial pro bowler morneau off the water and every year. I think we just keep reminding him keep focused on -- -- to fan the -- little. Being a great a team player and being the leader that he's capable of I think that's the limit. I -- the Garrett gives you what do you enjoy that ten year career in the NFL and the -- -- again and then Cowboys your taxes guys. Who was beaten -- the guys you had the block when. Well. The great thing about the best -- -- because no one there's no easy outs. So I mean definitely a myriad of Bob top players are players oblige but if I have to give me I'll give you my toppers. Starting -- on Roger's former Texas Longhorns -- but from what -- At University of Texas when he was in Detroit about forty pounds lighter. He was a phenomenal player always like to call a beast on the -- for basketball with a he's in the wind -- 36 victories forty. The people up there and you go to the award goes Glover. Perennial Pro Bowl for me -- -- it would normally take a -- -- when. He was like my rookie my first four years and yet when im here every flight here -- what do I have to do this. Prepare -- after -- have a great game. And then finally warns that just about inducted into the hall of fame an excellent player phenomenal player great speed great power great pass let's move. After my cup there goes my heart -- Block and -- the ball are right there thanks so much for joining us. CSN Washington dot com.

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