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John Feinstein on how horribly PSU and JoePa have handled the Sandusky abuse scandal-11/8



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  8. raise awareness4:01, 4:26
Tue, 8 Nov 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

She -- in Washington dot com. Yep things just -- a really strange -- Penn State football right now all kinds of things going on Joseph Paterno. Not stepping down yet some reports that he will soon but talk about that subject right now John five -- As he joins me in studio -- we talked about this yesterday. They just sort of gets a real and -- almost at the Bobby -- tight moment where the students -- rally outside Agile Paul's house and it has so many things coming out now is up to maybe twenty victims and for Jerry sandusky. To what Joseph Paul's legacy. Right now just talked about how Penn State and Joseph Paterno handled this so far. Horrible just again I am always amazed. When you're in a situation like this how supposedly Smart people get around and say. Best thing to do with hideout right best thing to do with not tell our side best thing to do is to not. Apologize. From what you need to do if you're Penn State right now is you need to come out and say. We are so sorry we know we screwed up and that's not gonna wipe this off the books nothing well yeah but they need did which shows some remorse. Have we seen any real remorse it's a great. This bit the president is for -- of that season ends behind two guys who then quit the next day -- who are also under indictment. You know Joseph Paterno statement on Sunday was well eight you know it wasn't. Do you explain to me is graphically by the graduate assistant as he. Was graphic when he spoke to the grand jury. So therefore I completely understand it as you and I discussed yesterday. How graphic do you need to be I saw the coach in the shower with a ten year old boy you had no clothes on that's only brought -- over you call the police. It does so to speak to the culture of a place and at a place that -- -- you look you've seen this for years -- being around environments like this it's almost. It becomes all encompassing yes and Joseph Paterno was everything there is that you believe is the universe and maybe me on the outside I don't quite understand how this type of thing can happen in terms of just. Hit it im not doing more people not calling people -- carpet to explain to me the. -- let's be fair first of all this this is not unique to Penn State. That there are so many schools where the coaches are bigger than the school in both football and basketball we could sit here and go through a list of them. But no one is bigger anywhere than Joseph Paterno is -- Penn State. He's been to school for 61 yeah years yeah fifteen is an assistant 46 is the head coach. The library is named after him Greenspan you went to his house years ago to try to get him to retire he threw him out of his house the president of the of the university so. Did that really my disappointment in this beyond the tragedy of these children right who have been abused. Is that that -- and Joseph Paterno why put on a pedestal. And in so many of us to put on a pedestal because he was so much more than a football coach because he really did care about his players because they -- graduate he did go on to do good things outside of football. Is that he heard what he heard. In his new -- 2002. And is only act was to call his nominal boss yeah. Tim Curley and say hey Tammy you know maybe better do something about this and then just. Never did anything to get a spark that we well didn't follow up what didn't ask any question. And again like -- at it if you don't do something with it I'm going to that's what you have to do or can afford to send -- gives you the complete for me -- a -- -- all -- used. You know now you're here and maybe there's rumors that there was stuff going with this -- would be -- -- and -- -- -- there what that was a report 1998 is working with children gap it's they jaw dropped the ball and look I know it sounds harsh and on -- you talk about. To -- his legacy to -- to put. This happened. On your watch and there is accountability that's the bottom line if you're gonna take all the good. In in in the name on everything and -- got to take the bad with this two and bottom line is get the word out if you suspect. Something involving child abuse I abuse say something. -- the authorities maybe we can. Hopefully society can get something out of this to do that well. Eight -- it's hard to believe that any good can come of a situation like this but if it does raise awareness there because as as we were saying before the show began. If this happens. You know and UAB yup -- there's some student school that's not a big deal football. It is as sad as it is it's a few paragraphs and it's Penn State it's Joseph Paterno the entire nation is watching the entire nation is aware of the horror. That took place if Paul this is true are still just an indictment and maybe that'll raise awareness a little CSN Washington dot com.

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