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How much have Hokies improved since Week 1?



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Thu, 12 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Yeah I think we improved last week though he played better -- function daughter. Is more -- on offense our special team and much improved for the most part. So. I think we improve it but that the key for us right now is to continue to improve and we got really at all compliment here this week. Spoke with our whole plan has been okay as many young guys is we're play and that's the good by conference time and an -- Georgia Tech and a couple weeks Jones we're gonna try like to win this game and improve in and then. -- -- -- -- Yeah and -- the nine green Olivia and they're really good I think coach here. The Neal has done a nice job on their recruiting. England coach and coach them well. You know when -- unit. East Carolina. They got great fans and support your team and none other going to be ready for -- so well. The united suited as a millions of great football. Yeah you know we lost Ryan mallet we'd Austin athletic tight and and nine. -- Johnny uses that guy he's you know he's a true freshman. As is McLaughlin over their left tackle him. Emmons is already -- and freshman and Rodgers is true freshman at fullback so we got a bunch of young guys that. Yeah climb uses ovals on them he's got good hands got some good -- that you light firm evidence -- -- weight room and get bigger. Before he plays but we're not only and do that. He's he's got a good possibilities. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. CSN Washington dot com. We 101 with Randy Edsall is brought to you by Jim Coleman hundred dot com. When we as coaches study film and put a game plan together. Now in New York for us just to get them to go out and executed and when. When they do these things and we tell them we put play and we'll do

  2. CSN Washington dot com. I think it team like Alabama Boise State it's the day when they're good in all areas. They show you Ares that you that are that are and so I think are we are right now we practice great for Alabama. And so I think when your price and like that you get better as a football

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  7. home games against Duke or North Carolina. They will host new ACC members Pitt Syracuse. Hit Virginia Florida State and Virginia Tech are the ACC teams they'll play twice in the final here and me. And huge recruiting news for the seven foot one Georgia

  8. this to our madness though it's got a lot of degree. doesn't just bring talent he brings the right attitude as well. Virginia Tech always seems to have a smile on his face and enjoying his chance to put on the Burgundy. Ian Gold complacent football you

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    Virginia Tech and Penn State have agreed to a home-and-home football series, beginning in 2022.

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  11. to school in Washington DC area. He played for the united play for the DC don't this team doesn't mean. I think in the NCAA Astoria a George Mason is on ten as well than they have. You know did you maintain have enough time team with some announcements

  12. position you got Derrick Rose. You got Irving where does he rank among those players. Woman and figure Grossman took a said the NCAA tournament. A couple of years ago but. All players when they leave early from college. Need to get better or something Derrick

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    After leading DI in scoring last season, it appeared Erick Green's pro career would start with the Denver Nuggets. Instead, the former Virginia Tech star is headed overseas.

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    Veteran Hokies cornerback Antone Exum landed on the watch list for a couple of major honors this past week, picking up preseason recognition from the Bronco Nagurski and Jim Thorpe Awards.

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  20. Michael Holmes expelled from Virginia Tech


    Wed, 10 Jul 2013

    Virginia Tech running back Michael Holmes was expelled by the university for a fighting incident that occurred April 21.