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Highlights: DeMatha 21, Good Counsel 0



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Sat, 28 Sep 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back Randy excellent doing -- -- -- -- take an -- and amassed a good counsel game third quarter that council. Down seven but driving passes picked off so Mike Cameron felt that Virginia Tech commit. -- the play on film and knew it was coming Smart guy 94 yard pick six. What the stats up fourteen nap thing. I need I and that theme here because that. Expect the 95 -- apparently. Fourth quarter and a -- at running back -- -- breaks through the line hit the sideline is on the future Wisconsin Badgers were. All the way to live on five and -- -- and be good counsel 21 nothing. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Former Terp Danny O'Brien will start for Wisconsin

    CSN Washington dot com. Things are looking out for another former chair quarterback Danny O'Brien transfer to Wisconsin during the offseason as part of Maryland head coach Randy Edsall is cleaning house. And now O'Brien has been named the starter for the badgers in their season opener against northern Illinois. I was honored you know to be part of this team is a privilege in itself

  2. GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Michael Jenkins

    keep working and I think he'll wind up being a real good. Well fans still remember Danny O'Brien who transferred to Wisconsin the off season. Now he's been named the starting quarterback for the badgers in their season opener against northern Iowa. O'Brien beat out senior curt Phillips and redshirt freshman. Donald to

  1. that we to continue to improve When you look at the Pittsburgh you know coach tryst is is kind of guys you know who came from Wisconsin and there there you know very aggressive approach to running the football. And you know you have to be careful defensively

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    one went bat in the Washington redskins' week two against agreement Packers that much worse they were simply outclassed and Wisconsin . We're gonna turn our attention in this Sunday when the Redskins face the Detroit lines. This year you tell us Redskins

  3. Wisconsin town strips A-Rod's name off field


    Tue, 6 Aug 2013

    Within a matter of hours of Alex Rodriguez's suspension, the youth baseball field in the town in which A-Rod began his lone minor league season was no longer named Alex Rodriguez Field.

  4. pitched well he didn't pitch well in July he was their most reliable guy throughout the first half of the season he's a Wisconsin native maybe. The motivation in his home town there in front a lot of fans but. Get this series and the way take at least

  5. Zimmermann heads home to face Brewers


    Fri, 2 Aug 2013

    Wisconsin native Jordan Zimmermann leads the Nationals into Miller Park tonight to face the Brewers. Join the conversation on Nats Insider.

  6. Danny O'Brien starting over - at Catawaba


    Mon, 22 Jul 2013

    Former Maryland quarterback Danny O'Brien is on the move again after one season at Wisconsin . Next stop for the former ACC Rookie of the Year: Division II.

  7. getting a bit miffed that they absentee that's just look at the way is constructive. And yeah but you look at Ohio State Wisconsin and Penn State Michigan State. Now it's 101000 people and then you can I think this team University of Maryland they made

  8. Terps at Ohio State for ACC-B10 Challenge


    Sat, 11 May 2013

    Participating in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge for the final time on the ACC side, Maryland will play at Ohio State on December 4. On the same day, Virginia hosts Wisconsin .

  9. Blanchard hopes to stick on roster again


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    Matt Blanchard didn't lose a game during his time at Wisconsin -Whitewater. Now, the signal caller looks to pull out another victory and make the Bears roster.

  10. Holtby stands tall in game 1


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    you've had success against this team last year in the post season. You know I mean. No matter who are going as the same Wisconsin 's a retirement community doing enough to and giving yourself answered chancellor. You were preparing for and as as any

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    There could be reasons that the Wisconsin offensive tackle fell to the third day of the draft.

  12. Ravens take Wisconsin's Wagner


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    The Ravens selected offensive tackle Ricky Wagner from Wisconsin with the final pick of the fifth round, No. 168 overall.

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    Get to know Wisconsin center Travis Frederick, one of the top C's in the 2013 NFL Draft, with our latest installment of 100 players in 50 days leading up to the draft.

  14. film I was sick to my stomach. Just seeing you know it's Jason Clark who had outstanding years and Sims I'll send you Wisconsin now send you. In the NC in those you know brought the way that they do know I felt like we have so much more by a squad that

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    Get to know Wisconsin running back Montee Ball, one of the RB's in the 2013 NFL Draft, with our latest installment of 100 players in 50 days leading up to the draft.

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    It and young man that was racing who was released by Kansas City is so what does it look and get some with the Dolphins to Wisconsin and it used to. Big guy six foot 7320. Pounds he can play he is sure right tackle. He has experienced your blog where I

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    Aaron Rodgers grew up a 49ers fan and Colin Kaepernick is a Wisconsin native, but the two QBs will steer the opposite sides Saturday.

  18. Containing the Seahawks' beasts


    Sat, 5 Jan 2013

    know all he needs is though when notable where receivers and he's he's done his whole life he was successful NC state at Wisconsin and he's been very successful in You know you know really matters except you know a lot of scouts and GMs like 6465. Guys

  19. needs is though when where obviously receivers and he's he's done his whole life he was successful NC state is Cecil at Wisconsin and he's been very successful benefit you know you know really matters except you know a lot of scouts and GMs like six

  20. RG3 scouts Russell Wilson


    Wed, 2 Jan 2013

    try to. you know just determined. You know on those whole story. As far as gone to college and minutes Tuesday to go to Wisconsin . You know and me and analyze dueled it out for. One of the records. Which one was we were doing now for that. just good