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Dan Hellie wraps up day 13 of the Olympics



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Fri, 10 Aug 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. There is no doubt that the main event here in London was the US women's soccer team taking on Japan in the gold medal game was of course. A rematch of last year's World Cup final that -- Japan down the US on penalty kicks tonight. The United States it's their revenge in front of 80000 fans the largest electric crowd for women's soccer game. Ever Carly Lloyd provided all the firepower that was needed she scored two goals the first just eight minutes into the game the US wins it 21. Taking home their third straight Olympic gold they have now won a gold medal. In four out of the last five Olympic Games on the track inside Olympic Stadium right behind you sable was the 200 becoming the first man to ever win. 22 hundreds at the Olympics. How this incredible story in -- semi finals of the four by 400 meter relay US springer -- -- Mitchell. Broke his lake but he kept going. Mitchell said he could feel the break but the adrenaline and that crowd just capped a movement. He still has split of 45 seconds and managed to hand off the baton amazingly. The US finish second advancing to the finals Mitchell. Was diagnosed after the race. With day. Broken they -- and I would be remiss if we did not acknowledge Terrence Jennings the Alexandria native. Loses his first match early this morning Taekwondo he comes back tonight. To win the bronze medal. Kelly Johnson pretty good paper TJ take it on the broad so different London CSN Washington dot com.