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Ovi has goal of winning Gold medal and Stanley Cup


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Tue, 10 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com summer obviously on a tennis if it's Maria won't mind. Kind of like we're in group B a little bit like that but the following her around it with an interview with that with Utley. It's the newest -- Of course as it was a hard time because like good shifts her own schedules so two. Be ready for that you know some guys have to of the seventh. So to help. I was on you know. It was nice titles since he's Hussein remain. So now that you get into the pre season and lead in -- when monsters to half the season. Because guys know the system now under notes how is this pre season can help you like what goals do you wanna get out this priest. You know just get in shape you know. Biffle for his game. -- substances known him much. Do you feel more pressure to win a Stanley Cup hero and -- per cent this year. Now. It's as broad questions going deal -- season. Of course the pressure on him both sides. And -- But you wanna do both obviously we would that be in a perfect throw. You bring home but yeah horrible horrible. CSN Washington dot com.