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Tue, 21 Feb 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. All the runs was a lively not to -- that the veteran Derek. What is the biggest difference between India and Haskell. And a whole lot of differences. And everything from -- -- so that people for the language. That we use and we talk about -- race car at its all different so. So saying that though it's still racing and so you know some drivers can adapt and switch over and and others can't and some drive more in something that didn't even know they would so. But it's also driving but yet also all the ingredients are different if that makes sense. They like to catch casual sports fans maybe -- -- huge rays fans at Daytona 500 resonate it's special yes with a mean for you to be run in this this this welcome Matt. Been lucky enough to it's obviously participating in 500 the last. Seven years and so now to be able to it's race in the Daytona 500 and and be running for a good team and be teammates with. With man Tony Stewart doing the championship last year that's a pretty fortunate situation for me so. You know how -- I hope I have a good day conscious in the planning of plenty of -- moves out there and learning experiences but. But at a place like Daytona there's a real opportunity for someone like myself as a rookie. Jermaine won last year -- first time -- -- exactly that that we can do well and and that's good it was. It was somewhere right Celek to be a great place to start from a from a from a -- from a performance standpoint and then also. From a exposure standpoint and being able to take part in -- Daytona 500. You know as a male dominated sport and IndyCar and initially. I have two sources who would have -- Roosevelt family. You have straight up they say so how -- you received bottles guy's. Well I think that's one of the things I was most surprised about in NASCAR was how. Much everybody welcomed me and wanted to see any run. I -- I -- you know years ago I had sort of like his 2006. And I was doing in his contract neck like dip my toe in just a -- The CEO how the NASCAR world was and I wasn't very interested necessarily. That's Iowa came away from. Then in 2006 wanting to be in NASCAR even more after. Kind of getting exposed because of how well receipt that wasn't how much ever -- and they wanted to see -- in NASCAR. And so so the next time around than in 2009 I was able to to make it be part of my -- part of my schedule announced full time. -- the National Press Club the last driver to get that I was Dale Senior. Pretty cool -- speak only knowledge here in the nation's capital maybe -- -- -- -- race car fans but how were you greeted when you come to a course like this to people know you are they recognizing that kind of thing. Well and I made my dad my racing references to certain tracks are certain things it was kind of it was like crickets and there but looked like they did know boy wasn't that many of the people before -- we went in and had our lunch and I did and I -- my talks though. So you know I'm I'm very fortunate that my brain extends beyond just racing and and knowing the racing world and it extends to too much -- baker didn't demographic which. Yeah that definitely we know you have to go and I want to say at the early early -- they thinking or is it coming at you don't -- Tell what you look like you're sixties and don't worry about it so. -- if you aren't. What equipment can will be at Richmond so post go to website big check as well out -- -- a couple of times this year Allah that act as I keep saying that we get down that your generation would do that so best of luck with that come back to DC we'll talk what -- next time. I get bigger you barracks. But they grimaced during this Sheehan in Washington dot com.

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