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Haslett: "My concern is more with the penalties."


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Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com I think the league does a great job with player safety you know to be an ex player. You guys I think what you would have done the league offices and has been. It's exceptional my concern. Was more with the penalties. And down. You lose three penalties that we had led including -- Led to do a test and the fuel. You really looked at two touchdowns and soon to look at that we can grow the grass twice so you added those points on the board and you had a 125 yards. Extra onto it. You know this August so obviously I'm always more concerned with the style. Of which he was -- more than. You know into the finer whenever we do a good job teaching our guys you know what the league is asking you news from the from the standpoint but. Obviously. You know they didn't do work in his case you know so we can do better because we we eliminated penalties does that hurt us more than anything. From a team standpoint. Last week in the game I don't think it's hard as we do do tackling drills throughout there. You know it's not a whole live tackling because -- -- -- -- -- we do do tackling drills that's part of our. Routine every week -- so and in training camp so he I think he has an understanding. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. CSN Washington dot com as we continue our countdown to Sunday's Marine Corps marathon. We have the story of a group of coworkers were in the wake of tragedy for coming together to help in the only way they know how. Yet yes it's true what they say tragedy. Reveals character sorts has more. It's

  2. CSN Washington dot com. The Redskins defense is that death comes for defensive end Stephen Bowen trying to work through a torn PCL in his right knee. Two years ago he played the same injury in his left in the secondary as Redondo is depleted. So much so they re signed safety Jordan you whom they

  3. Csnwashington.com. This and his column what were they thinking I have to add things have hovering but he written on the whole. In pretty 80 thinking and I am proud to get a team picture in dancing on teeny you're probably pretty good. But if you don't have the boards that wanna that you and women

  4. CSN Washington dot com. You take away from last year some of those positives that you hope. Well this coming together I think coverage for. Once we got. Plays. Players. And defense standpoint. for good. That was pretty consistent all. Constant. First and foremost thing these I think We've got to

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  6. CSN Washington dot com. It's schedule was released seven months ago Sunday's game at Denver jumped off the page and Peyton vs RG three Wes Welker vs DeAngelo Hall. Mike Shanahan making return to the mile high city where he won two Super Bowls in the 1990s. Those the major story lines but you're

  7. CSN Washington dot com. Lists of their case was a couple of Kennedy back in 2002. play in Miami on Sunday night game and he had already been fine twice. He had hit on chambers. What I thought at that time look at the film there's a lot of differences of opinion. And right before can only hit

  8. CSN Washington dot com. I mean I'm used it to be an underdog myself you know come from Baylor University. You know they're doing really good right now so I thought but I'm used to that and the other dog doesn't seem to use that as well. You know confidence is a choice. He got to choose to be

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    CSN Washington dot com I went back to the. Well. Can at the first and think you nailed it Joseph wanna move by mid backstroke. keeps the pocket and look for him going down with his glove keeps it away from the charging Winnipeg Jets forward then Baxter left Dayton we. Down and stroke and he finds

  10. CSN Washington dot com crowd the box to take it for. Had a good feeling about him after the warmup that he may yet wind. And that's that line once again we highlighted that neither me. NFL's all time about work second third man high. And picks up the loose change and puts it into the end the next.

  11. CSN Washington dot com. Talk about DN last two weeks obviously had some issues there it would DC some better days coming for the unity to think yesterday was a step in the right direction. Acting so mean anytime you know you're dealing with special teams and you had to dealing with the whole team

  12. CSN Washington dot com excellent progress being made in what we're doing and feeling comfortable with. The supporting cast and with Robert. You know he's been through in a few games now and we feel like can give the more we can maybe run a little bit more there. And just feel that you get a look at

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    CSN Washington dot com it. And yeah I'm are you guys. They are not being when he got actually need to say something about another athlete that maybe you haven't heard of her name is Maria K she has come under fire for the simple photo. Which she posted on FaceBook promoting her fitness website

  14. CSN Washington dot com they're all the other big issue again that was special teams third straight game now the Redskins special team. Has given up a touchdown. New special teams coordinator Keith burns met with the media today to talk about differences from last year to this year. I didn't have

  15. CSN Washington dot com. Until he's nice to finally win the union have long drive it in the game and reprisal but now when they score and our guys kept our poise on the sideline him. And you could see that there a sense of urgency there early focus and great finally moving on the field scorecards

  16. CSN Washington dot com really and Jordan. Well we felt we had a a guy that I was very special coaching football. And very special. In and out of breaks. More like a wide receiver than tight end. But you cannot see on film consistently polyglot. So we weren't really sure if you're getting me. Polish

  17. CSN Washington dot com. I think he knows exactly what he has to do. And you know sometimes you know the intent there's no intent there sometimes it got a little bit higher than anticipated. I mean the last when he came to the sidelines one guy told me it was. It was a good hit in the the other

  18. CSN Washington dot com. I think any time here at a place for 21 years you know that's that's quite along time. I think I can. You know if football years it doesn't happen very often so yeah we've got to get him. And spend more we raise their kids it's. Head coach her for fourteen years assistant

  19. CSN Washington dot com. Watched my first five years compare that we have played the last 34 games. Everybody in the lead with two you are have changed where he. You know I mean. I'm not I'm not necessarily lines and myself and tell people I'm I'm actually swim a mile. You know I'm from China. You

  20. CSN Washington dot com. Rob what a game that was so much offense put up deep and have bright moment at that moment when it does collapse and think that they were. Gonna give this game away locker must be feeling pretty good timely hitting that home victory the college. All they feel good about