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Klinsmann, Dempsey talk about the USA victory



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Sun, 2 Jun 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. Despite giving up two late goals to Germany the US men's national team held on for a 43 win in this international friendly. And despite it being exhibition this once served as an important final tune up. Before heading out for three consecutive defeat but World Cup qualifier matches. Considering their last disappointing loss in their friendly against Belgium had -- Jurgen Klinsmann saw this -- as a step in the right direction. It helps when you have these games you may see yourself as. His that team that can play high tempo that really kind of forces you always to go both. Please -- you confidence anytime you have confidence from a win. They're puts more -- themselves and and you feel my game result against a team like this. You can go down and and you get the job done these facilities in Chicago. -- -- -- give the Eagles it stinks you know. But for the most part I thought like I said I thought it was title but the game was good -- -- managed it well as we got tied there was some breakdowns. And you know the guys in the field and a heck of a lot of running no sir as the game started to Wear down -- press more. It became more more difficult some of them we -- love for the game was you know kind of playing for your country and and this is a special you know you always remember. Few things a few pivotal games on line I think everybody will remember this one. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. US beats 2nd-string Germany 4-3 in friendly


    Sun, 2 Jun 2013

    Clint Dempsey scored twice in a five-minute span of the second half, helping the Americans edge a second-string Germany team 4-3 in an exhibition game Sunday.