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Wed, 25 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Dante -- turned pro at age. Seventeen -- native. Strong down a scholarship offer to Stanford in order to chase his dream. And -- the Manchester United and. It was obviously this amazing experience to be at a club like Manchester United such a young age in one. You know on that same -- talk about education and tennis soccer education is the best I could ever have hoped for the other is a lot of growing up to -- I had a very. -- -- -- around and screwing up and all of a sudden I get thrown in an end this very different cultures and it ends. Not just been a country and different weather and things like that but you know I was without my family knows about my friends and I'm in this cutthroat world of professional soccer whereas there at seventeen year professionally or not. Your Manny you are treated like a man I I have a faith that tells me that god kind of puts everything together and in the end you take this experience as a whole and it was. Usually positive and you know ironically I'd say even though the harder things I went through are actually the things that serve -- best as a person's -- That's personality is a soccer dad. Thornton wife Krista are now proud parents of daughter Allen. An infant son -- We need to. Can't hit it solid day begins and -- long enough -- -- so that is two years and figure a period figure out. -- -- Soccer is still a passion but it must share time with family now. -- -- -- -- Preparing -- movie before training session has become a father daughter Bristol. It's very -- I can't always come back and Napa is every afternoon like I used to or. You know my life's not completely mine's. Anymore and then there are sacrifice that come without an overall. It's been hugely positive then what do you say it about the soccer games and. He's great he's great dad. That is also a great thing about soccer they can only keep them on the field practicing for so long so they do come home. Earlier I'd say then then those extending need their rest but that. But they're here and he's engaged in the is a huge help Miller. Kids do is they just offer this fresh perspective and you know I can remember a time recently lie you know it was earlier this year I'm playing -- games. It's our second game of the year I'm excited to plan my knee blows out and he's done a non -- heard that -- -- not in the disappointment and then I walk out of my daughter you know just runs out to me and it's. Like I can get emotional just thinking about it just offers -- fresh perspective that you know that's what matters like she doesn't care. If I'm injured -- healthy. Duncan not like chilis and anything's -- whether he had any aspect training your game but luckily now that. Doesn't care at all about that and is very fines and John Linehan yeah. Because she's a little buddies especially with their rivalry and you want us to have become even claims there. This is instant perspective it's great and. Washington DC is Thornton's third stop in the MLS team to a time in Vancouver and Chicago. It has come to love DC he enjoys making the two mile commute to rfk by bike and relishes all of the nation's capital has to offer. Being in a city like DC getting experience to live you know as an American in the city that has its basically like the foundation of the history of our country and to have. You know facilitate my daughters to the museum do you have now make this joked that like. You go to museum here there's no replica anything it's not real things we love DC all let us offer and in terms of that adventure. I'm seeing different places we couldn't really pick a better city. Darlington takes his bike right into the team's locker room where his workday begins. The first step is some preventative maintenance on the trainers table. And it's back on the bike for a short ride to the practice field. This -- training session lasted about ninety minutes is scorching heat. Got another. When you're playing assisting because they didn't -- minimal time. They're probably looks a lot different than. Good field. After practice I yelled especially with a teammate. Drop down into your head. You guys feel that right hamstring. -- so in the 54 degree. Tell you recovery. After a shower it's back on the bike to spend the rest of the afternoon with his family. Thornton is adamant about not pushing either this children to pursue the sport he chose. As a career. The biggest thing -- for anybody that works hard enough to become a professional athlete is you have to love it and I think that pressure on kids. From anybody is just negative and I think in order to play and practice. Enough to make it. Because it's hard and it's competitive and a lot of kids that wanna do it you have to love that play hard I work hard in practice but make sure that it's. Rooted in that. Pleasure that you get from point. CSN Washington dot com.

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