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Sun, 17 Jul 2011|


Csnwashington.com. Well there's no question team USA star is veteran -- Juan -- but as the Americans get set to face Japan and morals World Cup final. Soccer fans from around here may also recognized Japan star Amare I saw a lot she was one box teammate on the freedom for three years. And a super star in her own right now Japan and USA women's national teams have met 25 times in the Americans have never lost. Winning 22 matches in earning three drop as many predicted the United States would make it to the final albeit thanks to some last minute heroics against Brazil but. Not many side Japan making it the Japanese and won only three matches in their previous five World Cup's even so. Team USA knows it will need to bring everything in as to take the victory. Imagine lights championships and I went and -- lake. And come back and I think we here at the epitome of the Americans game this team record plus fighters where we play -- passion. And you know it. We feel this apartment. It was different era and he's so powerful but that's why I know that the Japanese team is excited and it come to play you have to play good soccer. It's pretty gutsy soccer and we have to go for it's not time to hold back isn't the time this is time to take risks that the time to -- Florida. And now hopefully even went. And for more on the big match tomorrow let's send it over and Dave Johnson and Thomas from ten guys. Aren't there but still a -- -- you know it's kind of a misery thing about it Thomas that it is twelve years since United States has been in -- final. Of the women's World Cup because they really have been the dominant team when you talk -- gold medals or Garland back to 1991 and winning the first women's World Cup and getting to this final. It's not an easy to navigate through what have you noticed about this team as they've reached this point. A few things days that the loss against Sweden actually you know really made them. Rethink. How they had to play shouldn't balks at the player ever deeper position and really -- midfield was really running out of there leaving their -- force trend that. This -- the line didn't drop too much in Sweden was really being able to exploit space BI that. So not to make some great changes within that team and -- she's done a great job getting from a coaching perspective she's got a great job in bringing in some players all of the -- million you know make an impact obviously for them as well so she used to substitutions well the team has grown into the tournament learn from the mistakes and actually are peaking at the right moment right. Mobile with the in the final against Japan I'll listen to -- they know well having played 25 times in fact. It -- tune ups to return of just before the the trip to Germany and the woman's World Cup bid to end up in wins and at the -- brother easy -- in Wednesday's do you see any way. That the United States dream picture is not completed that they -- tripped up at all. Not I I don't think so I spent some time with the team actually when there were preparing and in South Florida and in Boca Raton and what's the magic -- game that they're the same time as well so as soon Tigers have a great job in keeping this team very ground that. Japan is playing for something. Bigger than just a game that we all -- tragedy that happened there so. How do you stop that emotional momentum quite frankly I think -- technically very sound should be good game the US is physically. Probably more dominant as well but Japan could create some problems for team if they if they're not playing at their at their best. Right through so we predicted United States' victory but having said that it may come down to the 140 minute and other. Dramatic hatter or something like that what do we do know will be watching Wilson back here. CSN Washington dot com.

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