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DCU: Stephen King makes it 4-0 - 8/13



  1. Robert Rogers1:07
  2. Stephen King0:09
  3. Tampa Bay1:25
  4. Washington0:00, 1:33
  5. goal scorer0:45
Fri, 12 Aug 2011|


CSN Washington dot com. There is -- While they're real -- Stephen King. Stephen didn't score today if the taught us. What is left foot but he's He would -- Will right now in accommodations like on the dribble creating. Chances and goals before nothing nice to see if they get Stephen being involved as well again He won't be too easy -- latter. Your path and went wait a nice touch. Well. The goal scorer missed the king and then going across the sporting day but -- getting all the look great job but gave him some credit but He didn't getting in place that you say about what it was -- still in good positions. Played for such as around here for a while broadcasting tonight everywhere in the post game hassle than it's. The maybe maybe Robert Rogers a little bit. We'll go play. Soccer players like you know right guys basically. Millions of -- but you can -- you know. How battles in the relax a little bit -- Tampa Bay that Bettis and relax. -- burgers are really short for Kevin favorite debate is still there and in that she is in Washington dot com.

  1. Revs midfielder Rowe named Player of the Week


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    Revs midfielder Kelyn Rowe was voted Major League Soccer 's player of the week after scoring two goals in New England's 5-1 win over Philadelphia on Sunday.

  2. CSN Washington dot com. The strange soccer David been pleased with the nationals should finally have some resolution by Friday afternoon. up obviously by the national from

  3. Barra Brava at Nats games?


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    six the barber started sort of the kind of games and what did crowd wasn't at the kind of always standing cafeteria style of soccer Today have to wait and see what happens until next week. For the baseball presented by U. CSN Washington dot com.

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    MLS has far surpassed surviving. The league is on the rise, a clear indication that soccer is gaining popularity in America.

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    Clint Dempsey leaving the English Premier League to sign with the Seattle Sounders is a sign that the MLS is climbing the ladder of soccer elitism.

  6. wife with me a vote version But I just probably sports channels so there's maybe a game or Collison anymore and women's soccer volleyball it doesn't I just I love sports. I love competition so I've overlap like so what. You cook. I wish you could

  7. Earthquakes at odds with most passionate fans


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    The Earthquakes won't let their biggest supporters wave banners, a move that's receiving backlash from the soccer hooligans.

  8. CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back in soccer and his DC united is looking to make August about a month and July the team did not win any of their four matches last month

  9. maker exactly. Yeah it's still has got it up to give some basic instruction on what it takes to be a goal keeper Major League soccer and while I handled some of the drills okay. Everything came apart there. When they decided to fire a few shots and nearly

  10. on Greg told with your Geico sports net central update. DC united in the district have a deal in place to build a brand new soccer stadium just a few blocks from park. Mayor Vincent Gray in DC united were on hand Thursday to announce the news. And that

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    We look at some news and notes from around MLB, including Steve Nash getting a soccer tryout with Inter Milan.

  12. and Baltimore Maryland but district political leaders. And DC united believe they're closer than ever to their goal of a soccer specific stadium. In the nation's capital. I think we are I think that commitment of this administration. This council

  13. winningest. Franchise. In the history of Major League soccer a Major League soccer . DC united. Will be staying right here in our half. Okay. We knew the history of soccer and its its growth here in the United States. And

  14. the city. great thing for the city because there's a lot of soccer fans and new DC area. And the other thing is when you have ..... and it you know it was just too big for what they needed for soccer you he's kind of rattle around in there and try to with the

  15. the new stadium it looked like that gorgeous and just blocks from that far from beautiful 25000. Seat stadium dedicated to soccer . And joining me now is NBC four's mark sea graves who was the first to break this story so mark. First tell me how this

  16. Rolfe named MLS Player of the Week


    Mon, 22 Jul 2013

    Chicago Fire forward Chris Rolfe was voted the Major League Soccer Player of the Week for Week 21 of the MLS season. Rolfe's two first half goals propelled the Fire to a 4-1 victory of D.C. United on Saturday.

  17. DCU prepare to face Chicago


    Sat, 20 Jul 2013

    Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. All the what do Michael Jenkins force is in Washington dot com let's talk soccer black and using the elements this week. Their advantage practicing in this fourteen DC keep on getting ready tonight's match

  18. and another midfielder Kyle Porter has returned from playing for Canada in the gold cup a tough week to return to work. As a soccer player with a black rather have to deal. The red hot he. For sure I mean. They're usually the teams that are in this sort

  19. central update and let's talk a little soccer right now already. On towards the United ..... States Chelsea NAS of the world's biggest soccer clubs. You know they're looking for ..... it's a tough to return to work as a soccer player of the black and red out out there

  20. D.C. United works through the heat


    Wed, 17 Jul 2013

    dot com. There are several occupations were working outside in the extreme heat is uncomfortable and even dangerous. A pro soccer player is one of them DC united went through a ninety minute practice today and it was not pleasant. The team is preparing