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WTT co-founder Billie Jean King previews Kastles season



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Mon, 29 Jul 2013|

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Csnwashington.com. Watch the capitals made it three in a row winning the world team tennis championship defeating the Springfield lasers 25 that while the -- Claimed all five events mixed doubles pairing of Leander Paes and Martina Hingis closing out last night for the -- fourth. World team tennis title in the last. Five years I'm joined now by castle's owner mark nine. And tell me mark world champs for error the third time in a row four of the last five years you have created quite the dynasty haven't you. It's been an amazing ride I think it's been exceeded everyone's expectations -- and we have some of the greatest players in the world and down. They really get inspired to play in front of crowds in DC and down. The fans have come out and saw that the stadium every night in and made our players do things that no one else has ever done before. Now won it dry your attention to this trophy obviously it's traveling trophy in my right but it hasn't been doing very much traveling a sentence you guys have won it for the last. Three times for the last five years taught me a little bit of. That's it's a great trophy as the king trophy named after Billie Jean King the founder of our league. I agree it's a beautiful trophy and we try to do everything we can have a never leave Washington DC itself. It's been here for the last thirty years and I would like to keep it here as long as we possibly can. Now we have some impressive numbers to show you wanna take a look at you guys -- record over the last. Three years and this is something absolutely. Fantastic will be asked me is all the teams in the league. And take a look just two losses over the last three years 46 and two record that is something -- Yeah you know -- Wheeler saw that last week get a its spot at may have surprised even -- I think what did you shows is this commitment to excellence that the team stands for the on. Humana after that everyone puts and the level of preparation and quality of players and when you do that on sometimes amazing stuff happens and not just the two wins but the difference between us now other teams have the last couple years as some know we're all really proud of. It's certainly glaring when you compared to the other teams in the league and take a look at that finally mark. This Washington team seems to have so much. Support behind it from the DC area some diehard fans out there and play in team guys the success you truly feel that. He usually that's a huge part of our success if you ask the players -- don't say that's what inspires and you know. Tennis players are individuals and eleven months of the year they're playing for themselves and for 13 week period they come here and they of Washington across their Jersey. We sell out every night the fans. With their hearts out for us to win and inspires them to do great things in them I really think behind the great records in the championships in the winning streak. Is really the soul of our -- community that supported the team and and -- them to a historic sites. No doubt about that I know we will be seeing this trophy for another year in the Washington. DC area thanks so much mark for joining us thanks for having me. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Mark Ein: "This is the fulfillment of Billie Jean King's vision"

    their fourth world team tennis title in just five years. Every time this happens I just think this is that the dominant Billie Jean king 's vision that when you put the vaunted team. And you bring them together they represented community that they're able

  2. Billie Jean King on the Kastles and Bobby Reynolds

    CSN Washington dot com. And that's why to you. Liked what I saw a lot of that mark put together. I thought possibly because he's our best bars them. You know spending the most doing a great job with his debut in Washington they sell out every night they have a marquee neighbor doesn't matter people

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    She gets in Washington dot com. You said it's social change yesterday we got the news from Alabama he would be supporting same sex marriages what was here and national reaction. I had a feeling he might come out because I thinking what do you love about. President Obama obviously let Vice President

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    She Washington dot com. I have a question for you about. Rivalries you of all people know how great sports rivalries can be and Washington has a little rivalry going with. In new York and they're going to be seen hosting them at home opener I don't think wealthy. It early what kind of the flat on

  1. times for the last five years taught me a little bit of. That's it's a great trophy as the king trophy named after Billie Jean King the founder of our league. I agree it's a beautiful trophy and we try to do everything we can have a never leave Washington

  2. CSN Washington dot com. Tennis is an individual sport but when Billie Jean King greater world team tennis 38 seasons ago. She envisions men and women playing together. On eighteen but nobody. Could have ever

  3. opener riding a 32 match. Side consecutive winning streak you're approaching the LA Lakers. Is their pressure on you. Billie Jean King where the the league was founded after the great pillaging Once said pressure is a privilege and there is pressure there

  4. shoddy there's nothing that I bought it people this is the property of the. that. Smart guy and won't let me solid Billie Jean King . And I think he is that the that's split yeah we're hoping to win another one hoping to get you know start the season

  5. Venus Williams was clutch in helping the castles hoist the Billie Jean King cup for the second year and it And in the process she was ..... Venus. And they had to go. how excited are you to bring Billie Jean King back to the DC community I haven't back. Bennett chairs

  6. world team tennis finals. But before they can hoist that Billie Jean King cup for this at key year in a row capping off another perfect ..... it may be in that order. On Sunday are you hoisting the Billie Jean King for the second year in a he would surely our attitude since

  7. She lifted Washington to. A family was going to brainer at Finley down to match or someone didn't know me the format of world team tennis how would you. You know layman's terms tell someone about content. First. The Washington Capitals have a great fight the war. It's that and so this summer

  8. She in Washington dot com. One could argue that more eyes are on the women's game did you ever think. That you see that day I was always of the original line and some of them is an original liner. ticket sells Nancy odd isn't triple Iowa this to bed you don't know them because they're special

  9. I said since day one and if we play their best tennis we will be successful does that mean we can always to do aging cup Billie Jean King cup at the end. Don't know but Claire vested in the fall short it'll be is still a great successful season and you

  10. CSN Washington dot com. Chris Everett and Billie Jean King at tonight's castles match against the Saint Louis aces off to a strong start and mix doubles. As Leander Paes of the spikes

  11. world team tennis is something that you did when you're when you're still playing on everything in the back and it would Billie Jean King in. What it does it seem to be the same or has it grown in ways that maybe you can you foresee when your It is different

  12. us all the way back. Did the night it all began. Opening night at stadium July 8 2008. world team tennis co-founder Billie Jean King DC mayor Adrian event beyond and Serena Williams and they castles ushered in a new era. In DC sports. Here to castle tennis

  13. you don't look. I did make a little bit on it or not breaking it and they hit the capsules with a minute I. But yeah Billie Jean King Abdullah both have been previously you write these united US open cup won here yet what What what are we would like I wanna