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Murphy Jensen on Mark Ein's induction into Mid-Atlantic Tennis HOF-2/12



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Sat, 27 Jul 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Are arguably the most infectious smile and all of DC sports rob Murphy Jensen of the Washington castles. His team goals for a third straight world team tennis title Sunday against Springfield before we get through. The actual game did you know we did some research 620 and fifteen. As the Washington castles and coast that's a pretty good record meant. Well who asked me all the time what does that mean and I say it means we've got some really good. Talent on this team we've had. Multiple Grand Slam winners we've had the Williams sisters Serena and Venus have had Rene Stubbs of fourteen Grand Slam titles to her name Leander -- of thirteen Grand Slam titles now. A hall of Famer with Martina Hingis. You know doesn't get any better to coach. Team of players like that the fanfare going into this year. Obviously was that record the record was broken. That you lose the next game but. Sunday's event the final was always at the end of the rainbow that was what you guys really -- you know I mean it's it's a dream come true that were here in the finals and you know how how we've had this record. That that he would you mentioned the 65 and fifteen it's actually now forty something and two in the past three years and no other team in the league. Has -- been a winning record. In the past three years because we've been so dominated. What would it mean to repeat. It would be a miracle. For the Washington house inside to three. -- where the the fans and and and you know it's it's a real deep. -- team that the reason we're successful the way hopefully we are is. Above and beyond talent is the fact that we're playing for you where planned for you plan for everyone out there that's going to be a percent and I've gone banana town. To see hopefully will become a title town for DC. Come around. They're little and Mercury Jets and the Washington -- -- for three. It's CSN Washington dot com it.

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  1. Kastles' Mark Ein on his induction into Mid-Atlantic Tennis Hall of Fame-2/12

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    third straight world team tennis title Sunday against Springfield ..... we've had. Multiple Grand Slam winners we've had the ..... Rene Stubbs of fourteen Grand Slam titles to her name Leander of thirteen Grand Slam titles now. A hall of

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  1. kind of hard ball. Stories on. She is trying to. Find it and it. On special flavor for. The hand them once again. I think this man's name is. Right on and very good. Tennis week. We'll start to very good. CSN Washington dot com.

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  17. Capitals. And made it three in a row winning the world team tennis championship as they defeated the Springfield 25 to twelve the ..... able to close it out for the capitals their fourth world team tennis title in just five years. Every time this happens I just think

  18. involved as well and in the district would at the rest of the Parcells. Which are owned by. Mark kind of guy who owns a castles. Tennis team. And go to power company on some land down there so there's a lot of moving parts here but. The district would assemble

  19. t won't while he doesn't take it easy on these kids while he does pass on more lessons than just physical training good tennis broken. You just really done as you know he knows the hard work that we wanna put in. He pushes us to do that hard work and

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