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U.S. Open golfers talk the challenges of 10 and 11 at Congressional-6/15



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  3. Zach Johnson0:26
  4. Ian Poulter1:20
  5. Phil Mickelson1:48
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Wed, 15 Jun 2011|

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CSN Washington dot com. It really started with David -- back in 1980s when He was doing pairings before He became executive director. And there was always the one traditional pairing in the open champion British Open champion in the US amateur champion and He started trying decent some interesting things. Interesting pairings indeed. Probably most likely to go unnoticed and Green jacket threesome of Trevor Immelman and Zach Johnson and Charles Schwarz so. Masters champions all. You know Spanish athletes have been pretty darned successful last year on the soccer field. On the tennis court even on a bicycle. So maybe this is the year first Sergio. Was paired with countryman and all of -- of heroes and -- on -- commitments. You've got teams Sweden at first Stetson -- -- And the pride of Italy the Molinari Brothers Francesco. And Eduardo. Speaking of Brothers Luke Donald -- to. He and for -- timers Auburn and they'll be playing together. They look it's the Pacific rim three Japan's -- she galloped Korea's YE Yang and Anthony Kim. The pride -- Los Angeles. If your fashion sense defies traditional dress check out Rickie Fowler. That is equally sharp dressed counterparts Ian Poulter and punter may have. And -- -- -- spells just make it rhyme. In the -- with the Gregory Havre de. And Brian de. All and there's more than just that there is a threesome where every one of the players' names start and there's an all our group and MBE group as well although you might not know their -- even -- -- told them to you. The one group we called the gamblers group off finish off with and that is Rory McIlroy. Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson you can win a lot of money -- those guys or you can lose it all. Covering the US open at congressional country club Ross Taylor Comcast sports net. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Masters champions all. You know Spanish athletes have been pretty darned successful last year on the soccer field. On the tennis court even on a bicycle. So maybe this is the year first Sergio. Was paired with countryman and all of of heroes and on commitments

  1. kind of hard ball. Stories on. She is trying to. Find it and it. On special flavor for. The hand them once again. I think this man's name is. Right on and very good. Tennis week. We'll start to very good. CSN Washington dot com.

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  6. CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back the way there was Dario and DC united in Chicago to face the fire in US open cup semifinal match just before half united forcing the issue goalie Shawn Johnson comes out. Can't get the ball there was already controls and beat Johnson for the game's first goal.

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  17. involved as well and in the district would at the rest of the Parcells. Which are owned by. Mark kind of guy who owns a castles. Tennis team. And go to power company on some land down there so there's a lot of moving parts here but. The district would assemble

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