Murphy Jensen talks importance of Andy Murray's Wimbledon win



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Sun, 7 Jul 2013|

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CSN Washington dot com. Watch the capitals have not lost the match since 2010. Portland 33 straight won back to back world team tennis by. Think about when their first three matches -- this season they break the Lakers record for longest winning streak by the franchise. That quest for a third straight title perfect season starts Monday. Joining us now for more on his watch. I think -- the guy who just doesn't even remember what it's like to lose a match at this point Murphy Jensen the coach. Of the castles -- you're going into Monday's season opener riding a 32 match. Side consecutive winning streak you're approaching the LA Lakers. Is their pressure on you. Billie Jean King where the the league was founded after the great pillaging -- Once said pressure is a privilege and there is pressure there but at the same time you know driving over here to see you I was on the phone with Bobby Reynolds who just played Novak Djokovic on center court at Wimbledon. After qualifying and every player on our team has made winning habit. You know from the Williams sisters is played for the castles to the end of this woman is Stubbs and now we've got Martina Hingis is gonna be serving love tomorrow night. They're really comes down to one thing with the approach I'm taking as the playoffs the last series and on them they're not -- You know. Job isn't done we just have to continually left off. So you mentioned Martina Hingis coming in now Venus Williams has to battle out you replace terror. With Martina Hingis what can we expect from her at this point. She has wanted to play for DC for a long time she is a big fan of the horse community and and she actually thinks about has thought about moving to DC. So for years like secretly we've been friends and respect like and -- pray for your arch rival but I've always wanted to play for the castles. They do we do a little bit different here we we've really take those you know the team in the old fashioned. Where we were really playing for the game we're playing for the front office were flying. You know for the media that covers the sport and down. I've been out to a masters a great atmosphere of the community really gets into it. How much has it grown just within the community excitement around this team and help raise the game of tennis here. You know how I've been to a lot of -- from top fund raisers for the Washington tennis and education foundation a lot of different. Inner city programs I I think Marc -- and our owners vision of I using the game of tennis to bring the community together when the good tennis players or not I'll tell you one thing in this game of tennis and -- is the lives of people. Whether you plant your fans your round that the X-Factor is our fans. I mean they're an extension of our team and they're gonna be going absolutely banana town over -- tomorrow night's match I don't think there's a ticket available but if there is facing get it. And go crazy town and help us out. While they suddenly it's a local story right now and you win Monday and then Tuesday becomes a national story best of luck yeah it's kind -- -- I think you're. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. kind of hard ball. Stories on. She is trying to. Find it and it. On special flavor for. The hand them once again. I think this man's name is. Right on and very good. Tennis week. We'll start to very good. CSN Washington dot com.

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