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Best underdog stories- 3/29

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She -- in Washington dot com. They've BC you pulls this off flew directly when the whole thing would you put -- there is one of the great underdog stories are now because we're talked about a -- fastballs changed. We respect what I remember the Texas western game nobody could be Kentucky's. And it was in Cole field house -- -- game I was a student there snuck it on instruction backward thank you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. That was definitely you know upset in people's minds when you watch the game we didn't look like an upset Texas western looked at -- as -- -- -- in terms of college best. -- has it -- NC stay over Houston. I think that crazy now is the standard I think BC wins at all it -- 88 Kansas -- -- Villanova and I think it -- AB three NC state I would put it second to the miracle on -- there but what about sports in general when you look at -- also -- -- Douglas. 51 odds on Vegas books undertaking certain thoughts -- Tyson about John Daly of the ninth alternate won the PGA championship. About that it's pretty good that's pretty yes. So I'll I'll I'll go to golf for the or rule on harder. The Olympics. Be that guy who -- not. Was I'll try to -- and yet -- who did thirteen years nineteen straight international competitions and he takes it over my friends back home would be remiss for the bring -- -- brooks and the Olympic hockey team beat her -- it's it's that's usually. About the Red Sox coming back from 30 in the closely you know with the Yankees. When that nobody for you go back from embryos so yeah but what about coach B being golf -- that hasn't happened yet so -- experience. It -- some healthy this year and sooner you are healthy this year as good. I'm waiting. They've got it here in the works but he has you you -- -- -- -- -- much no who do Weathers have prevented that that there's been a lot to do to consider this not a she gets in Washington dot com.

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  1. Jeff Halpern returns to the Verizon Center as a Ranger

    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    see us and so much talk here about system system system and when we watch you guys play. I mean you guys played to a team and that's it seems the reason you're able to just shut down teams what's the biggest. Way that you guys are able to just stick to that. Well I think the biggest thing is is there's a real. Big nucleus of guys that have been here with this coach for a long time and it. No one of those things take time consistency in the systems in and kind of learning it doesn't. It's so hard for I think for any team to accept the description you can tell the Washington how how well they're playing The learning period but to come in New York. They for the guys with the guys that have been informed the school to state Clifton. It's expensive. I know you've been back here a few times as a member of another team does it get any easier is it any. Mean not as weird toilets he had been dagger a couple of times in his semi it's you know lessons we're. I says sometimes you're gonna chase lieutenant changing any. Trying to figure what team you're on see so many jerseys and sometimes you see it in Montreal scoring like. It throws you for a but that lasts about wanting to shifts and then you get into it and but it's it's it's always a fun place to come back to him. It's it's it's a great building going to Kasparov playing for new Yorker and now. The best I think just yeah attitude of the team what's expected of the team and Working towards trying to win a championship fining and every team is is is you know as an ambition. But to this group there's a lot expected of him and it's it's it's fun ups and downs and of this season so far have been have been a lot of fun learning tournament themselves. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Nationals not concerned with lack of left handed pitchers in bullpen

    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. off season changes to every big league roster at the nationals a part away with three relief pitchers. Of note Sean Burnett Mike Gonzales and Tom Gorzelanny and they combined for 162. Appearances last year and all of them. We're lefties. So how they be replaced our nationals insider mark Zuckerman with more media. There are no obvious holes on the nationals roster that keep Davey Johnson awake at night one potential weakness is the lack of left handers in their bullpen. How Will Johnson be able to pick favorable matchups against the NL east's notable left handed sluggers pitching coach Steve the isn't concerned. If we didn't have the guys ago left handers that that we haven't given them out I would really worry about. we got guys in the left to resolve got pitches for left handers and I'll turn the situation and bring in that left him in the face one guy and I got a run back to a to the bullpen to get somebody else to match up there. We're Jim doesn't figure it out right handers and left handers I think that's really a good situation and that's one one that worry him. The only lefty who appears guaranteed a job Zach Duke a career starter who spent most of last season reworking his mechanics and Syracuse. After a strong September cameo in DC Duke is back and likely to be asked to hold multiple roles. I was joking with raining or the other day I said you know I'll have two or three hats Cheerios and take over Burnett Gorzelanny and England's all as a spots I had to face both my career had Success thumb against each other years were actually a little better against Brady's than lefties. Have had the opposite self. It's just a matter of knowing who's the plate and on knowing what you can do to get that counts. Tyler Clifford also downplays the nets' lack of lefties. Believing talent is more important than which side of the mound the ball front. I know Davey doesn't necessarily. Agree with the aspect of lefty specialist calm which. I think that's that's a great waited to be as a manager and then I agree with that I think you gotta let pitch I don't care about facing. face ten lefties and roads and writings in a row. How I'm confident enough in myself and and I know I'm doing out there it to get those guys out. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Caps hurt themselves again with too many trips to the box

    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Less than 24 hours after an ugly loss on Long Island capitals penalties doom them once again. With two consecutive minor penalties called on Alex Ovechkin resulting in tune New York Rangers goals. You know I thought we still put it. You know a good game so I pressure on them and were able to you know create our chances are greater opportunities. But it's you know we kind of show ourselves again with with penalties. Can't continue that to be successful teams are good power plays or doesn't. Every time we're in the box service we did to do some good things and we have to figure out ways to do for sixty minutes and not let things affect does and they're based tired it was gone through the stretches the schedule. He the affect your game. Now at the halfway point of the shortened season through 24 games the caps still have just ten wins and 21 points. And despite the hiccup this weekend they're outlook remains positive. And and we'll put it behind us first half I mean we we've learned a lot about ourselves and well the way you're playing down. They'll be looking for strong second half Paul obviously a terrible start and and we've been getting better ever since. This weekends have been a step back but. I think you can still see our game where we're playing a lot better era through periods we. We didn't play a sixty minute effort this weekend but but we had spurts where we're real good we've been good and. Russell will stretch you put ourselves back into a playoff contention and and with laughter. if we continue to play the way who we have been in the past you know twelve or fifteen games or so I think we'll be you know in the playoff picture at the end. The caps look to chip away as they face the division leading Carolina Hurricanes twice this week. In a home and home Tuesday at Verizon Center and Thursday in Raleigh. With the capitals Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. John Wall finding comfort in jumpshot

    Sun, 10 Mar 2013

    CSN Washington dot com and we'll amid the Wizards in scoring frenzy last night the Bobcats one very important bucket may have been forgotten John wall's three pointer it came just before half time. And it was his first and only attempted a game the most important will it went in wall for the season he is only shooting 11%. From beyond the arc. As a matter of fact the entire game on offense has been under fire lately but a solid game from the floor last night is something to build upon for the Wizards point guard. Sharing his thoughts on that three pointer that he hopes to replicate in the future. I decide it would up and say I only door and tell you make more shots. what I did you want them inside Taylor like desperation shots prefer more continuity in and as I got to do shootings that Iraq. This thing. That's important in making that next try it in and his shooting is just continue to conference show he missed a lot of really good looks last night in Brooklyn. I think you were six for nineteen in. And I would I would have taken any of them back. And they didn't go ahead now again I can easily come in here tonight they came you know do wondered did last night and I can really look. But he came right at him and got right in it make first couple ones and they got him going so. You know that's always important. In in the stepped into the process of what he's trying to do become a better shooter. CSN Washington dot com.