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Diaz -- Washington dot com. John thanks for joining me appreciate you bring in a manner not know where to start about sports so we're really sort of -- on baseball you already started. Where would bring when you -- to get sick spring training -- would you support the games to start. I'm not yet you know lives -- shifted down here and grow excited to get out on the grass and now again this beautiful weather and just hang out to teammates in -- new new guys and it's fun minutes it's not old yet. It for you. -- you came up a strong finish to last year and Ewing handled a demotion early last year very well factor to consider really help you get more can you talk about. I'll bet it maybe as your mental attitude and handling some guys handle that well. Yeah last year where is. That's a cure for me you know I started -- kind of -- -- -- I had a demotion and double -- but. You know -- the blessing disguise went down there were -- variety. My stuff and hung -- some guys that pay within a minor leagues. -- -- some coaches that I -- with a minor leagues and you know is a humbling experience maybe a better ball player -- -- -- -- person and I was -- you come back strong and help the team medical board games towards the end. I remember last year and the -- about this thing mechanically. You feel like it better pitcher continued to explain that a little bit better what. -- what you really did specifically to hone your skills. Well he knows his game back to face a do arm -- I had an arm injury. In the beginning of the year last year and and that kind of threw my -- sawed off so I had to get back to an athletic position. My posture has little off but. If you're not feeling. His could be sound you know -- not -- brought there mentally not going to be there either so my city in my account inspect back in my mechanics and once that happened I was ready to go. And got young Bryce harper popped in there today I'm 35 years old man and a cutter going. I can't believe this kid is this young what are your early impressions of the young man. Well mom I won't buy him. -- show spiral out of position players when I was change my creeps. And I know what he fit in you know I didn't recognize the first -- Doesn't look like he's eighteen you know it looks a little older and a looks like he's gonna handle all this. Bryce harper and madness pretty well. At the picture he's gonna get some action in there. A particular goal after -- could just -- -- by such a young -- they know he was the first overall record I don't think they would look at if you're in -- -- We'll -- You know -- appreciate can be excited. And if mean I don't I don't know house meg going down but I'm a preacher he's -- very talented ball player. As you deprived try to show people -- so fumbles. Not -- candidate in terms to tremble in -- wouldn't do perform down there many guys we've got canceled -- I might as wouldn't you go. Efficient and help. Well yeah I actually didn't. Actually I just got back fishing I mean come back out there and Adam LaRoche reduce fishing in the -- by my house. And yeah I did after about two hours today so. I mean noticeably relaxing. Nothing too stressful place in golf -- Saying all right they'll hang in -- -- -- will -- you also. That's good she just -- Washington dot com.



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