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Ivan Carter 1-on-1 with D.C. United striker Charlie Davies-2/16



-- the Washington dot com. United introduce new -- Charlie Davies I was an Afghan. Can read Davies can easily loan from his team and scratched TDs in his return from an injury suffered two outta here decent oval car accident he's. I just -- the charter right. -- -- Hi Charlie Davies the newest and repeating it. What is it like man -- you're here you're here you remember the squat. Yeah that's amazing. It's a great feeling to know that. I'm in a place where I'm gonna he supported. Really pushed and and really help this team win some games. A lot of us who have followed your career what -- big Tennessee fans. We're so happy to see you come back from most meals record engines in my car actually ironically here and he -- -- -- those injuries man. -- and bladder doesn't count. I would say that the toughest injury that I had was definitely -- the right femur break and Adam are Atlantic. Very difficult to to overcome because the ball good actor -- -- the muscles around around that my -- are on my. My my knee I think you know to build every muscle around in your right leg was it's pretty difficult. Of course then then you had the left elbow. I'm -- had two surgeries on that was pretty difficult team to you know get back to being strong and and how much confidence again that is the -- -- I think those are into the the most difficult injuries that. -- a cool place to -- you're gonna have the opportunity to play in the World Cup and it's so rare opportunity. And we won that thing if you had been in their man do you does that ever keep you overnight and all that mr. Obama. Yeah. With you know -- for a couple of months actually. It was definitely difficult to watch that term. But it made it all worth it -- after that Algeria game. Jozy Altidore and Andy Murray's did you call me from the locker room. And and had players come on the phone and -- thing you know. We did it for years and you know we wish you were here I think that's what made it really special. And -- it was easy easier than -- seem to nothing about it. You wear number I don't hear a lot of soldiers didn't want to producer he's -- a slow on the soccer coach in college -- Number nine and we you -- all open and I'll I was -- lit. That number the confederations cup. With the US against. Egypt. And I schooler that number. And also wore that number and and all those are my favorite players about time he just retired recently and everything felt like to keep this summer so. In it's definitely a number that that that will I would like to wear the rest of my career that you've got to know some of the guys which I didn't know previously and you played -- -- briefly to coach. Did you get -- all right yeah. That it's a great group of guys I knew -- McCarty I knew seventeen local on. And I knew he can't before I came here so that was you know my into the -- the rest of the group so. I think for me you know they've they've welcomed me with open arms which makes it -- extremely. Easy for me and and and I think you know they've really made me feel I'm comfortable and I feel like at the -- that are you know we're we're gonna do big things. Lot of tradition. Here and yet last year brought pocket and it was hard to watch that couldn't score and yet. Pretty good core guys Kandahar upcoming player what's your impressions are published count stacks up with the rest and MLS. I'll I'm actually really impressed with with the level here I've I feel -- that there's a lot of guys that batter are great on the brink of breaking out to be you know. Real stars. I think that I. You know my goal here obviously -- to come here and make the players better around me. And to bring the best. To bring about -- -- and I think that I can do that and I think once we're on the same page that I will be. A force to deal with in this week. Put them on the net managing job and it from your favorite -- questions and I get rid of that Afro. Opining about it predictable I. This year for sure I would yeah. The regarding -- real soon again what did you see that you can knock out we'll talk to don't appreciate it thank you. He -- in Washington dot com it.



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