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Diaz did Washington dot com to the pros now world we know all about the Wizards struggled on the road but lately they have been able to win. Anywhere the losing streaks seven entering tonight's game abroad and centered it to Atlanta Hawks who evidently. One of the best road teams in the NBA this season about the way. Joe Johnson. Lead dog and it down and -- old an eleven game win. Streak over the Wizards and -- level is off to turn over Josh Smith. Ahead of back foot by nine after one and the wind is coming back in the second check out this dog but how important. Worth another look. Not enough good goalie. You have been the poster Weisman Randy dividend three deflected into the third -- bill on the game. -- it up -- that we are tied -- big day parade. Quite scary moment here coming up the circuit John Wall Street Paul led Dallas. Really. They've led off the court but he would return to the game. Not that it would matter what the Wizards vs Smith with a drive. People didn't sparkle and he let let him when he nine and then and -- the -- now pulling away Damian will get there they will inciting. Nothing quite like problem but I don't get the job done out Atlanta with -- forty points in the paint him when -- 99. Q yeah. -- -- Washington dot com.



  1. Josh Smith0:25
  2. Joe Johnson0:17
  3. Wizards0:04, 0:22, 1:07
  4. Hawks0:12
  5. Atlanta0:11, 1:23
  6. Dallas0:58
  7. Wall Street0:57
  8. Washington0:00, 1:30
Sat, 5 Feb 2011|

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