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-- in DC united here on C isn't Washington dot com -- Baylor Sebastien Salazar all the team is in Florida where here in the studio talking about them. Everybody is talking about Charlie Davies. US national team starter for a long time before the unfortunate accident in 2009. Training with a black and red what do you think. Well I think it's it's a shot in the dark but it's a really promising one I mean now this is a player who people. May not have forgotten what he was but I mean he went down in -- -- the stadium scored the lone goal for the United States and a very close 21 loss to Mexico World Cup qualifying -- the next big thing on the front line of American soccer kind of replacing Jozy Altidore is that top tier -- -- was hopeful for. Obviously the accident are right before the final World Cup qualifier. Stopped his career hasn't played a competitive match in over a year. And Dodd now with his club FCC shall I hope I'm saying that -- right process is the French expert here. If he's not gonna get run with and it makes more sense for them to have him here make some money off alone it's a twelve month deal with them -- last. And I should he meet the requirements laid forth by DC united it's a twelve month deal that means he would be here for the whole season really exciting stuff but the next few days so really. Tom really tell what's gonna go on with him -- it's got seven days to prove himself to united he's gonna have an intra squad scrimmage on now Friday. And -- battle really need a time when we're gonna find out if if he's going to help this team and just how much he's gonna help this team but hey. For a squad -- confer for help on the front line you're not gonna get a much better deal disclosed this season and then a shot at Carolina. -- -- and were also be probably prudent to temper our expectations just a little bit and not expecting to be a hey pre accident Charlie Davies right now because that's just not in the within the realm of possibility at this point. But if he can come in and help us I expected to be it's one angle score right off the balance on that expect him to step in. And coming -- like Luciano Emilio and immediately lighted up. But if he could be that guy that be a great thing a lot of people are putting. The mark to be that got pretty quick I'm Perry kitchen number three overall pick for DC united that also said the draft. That if he was there -- number one he would've taken him as well that's a lot to put on a kid that could play in either central midfield or maybe something. That's the start the other in the same breath that Ben Olson you know said that he said this is the type of kid you can put that pressure on because he's just. That fundamentally sound and mentally summoning the the recommendations that have come through for this kid. Both from his college coach Carol Porter who was a candidate for the united coaching vacancy a year ago and really from Thomas wrong in the 120 I US national team coach are really. Really -- a lot of credit. Has been given this young man as one of the best young leaders that either of those two coaches to deal with the best young players in this country. Have seen during their time coaching. It's kind of an interesting thought to think of an eighteen or nineteen year old kid becoming a leader on a team full grown men professionals got like San -- Courant -- who have been around the league. -- for quite some time but. There's a reality here DC united needs a change and out he's maybe to got a start that change I think it's gonna be at the central -- and that's for everybody seems to have him slotted. On he'd be fighting for time in a lot more difficult situation in the Centre of midfield where he did play for Akron. Last year but I think really long that back line is where we're gonna see him in -- You know he's a young guy with a lot to prove but hopefully he can be part of that new athletic young back line for united. You mentioned Thomas wrong and of course we love Thomas strong he's our analyst on not Comcast sports coverage and DC united on the TV side of things. He's -- coming -- pretty much a central figure here with the club even though you're used to be the head coach of the team now he's an analyst for us. And Comcast sports net but so many guys who have gone through that you twenty system are now part of the black and ready to -- -- Ethan white -- should not asking you know of course. Perry kitchen this is such a young team to a young in your opinion. It depends on what we're asking that question for they too young to win an MLS championship this season. Probably are they too young to compete. For Hamas -- spot I don't think so. And I think you also have to realize that those guys who are young are probably not going to be starting as much in specially in terms that he and white and Connors and -- More of a reserve role a developmental role they'll play a lot on the reserve team get a lot of competitive minutes both in training. And in those reserve league games. But I don't think we're gonna see a lot of runs and I'm -- not ski he's raw and he's also at a position that is just loaded right now in terms of your defensive central midfielder they maybe thinks nasty complaints are back but again. There's spots there. That are already taken as well and then with Ethan white I think he's a raw prospect you know. -- on was on the he's he's got a lot of potential but he still has some steps to take before he's may be analyzed ready and that may be what this year's four for him. But as far as the other young guys here and you know harness your bill needs. And certainly -- kitchen I think a lot is gonna be relied upon from them and in that case you know when it comes to playoff time if united is there. That you've made out rear its ugly head. I will certainly we're witnessing a changing culture with DC united but how about a little couture for the black and -- the third hit. Comes along the alternate jerseys for DC united unveiled at the DC auto show what they -- Washington DC convention center and dot. Now black read this time gets the prominent color we've seen he's a lot in different varying forms on the training field but I would what did you think of a bit of the new ones. Well I have to qualify as if I'm not really -- you -- you know my mom probably picked out this time so but I like it pops -- -- -- told you are Russ and CB. The show I said it's allowed Jersey and it makes a statement and maybe that carries more weight than with the fans -- with the media with the press. With the players you know everyone's a lot of these guys need -- something to break kind of the wall -- the grind of an MLS season we're talking about you know 3034 games now. That's a lot of soccer to be playing you know for some of those bigger games against it on the national networks the marquee matchups against the Los Angeles Galaxy in the New York Red Bulls the big media markets. Maybe it's a chance to do something a little different and -- you know said the guys really like itself from that -- It's a positive is that the -- I would've picked I don't know but you know I don't know anything about fashion anyway. -- got -- -- a different direction like pull out like the bright yellow or something or you don't Barcelona's had a lot of success at that you know just going way off kilter with things and you know DC united is is being -- kind of the historical SeniorNet Major League soccer but. If it was going to be another collar. Reds is -- bad as -- gonna find enough highlight get I think it'll be cool and I think some of the fans are behind it is and that brings to an -- Thomas BDC united fashion police also -- time it would be a black and red reports about themselves are there. Whereas Baylor will be back for much more on the team. We all love DC not.



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