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Ivan Carter 1-on-1 with Tony Gonzalez-2/4



  1. Super Bowl0:07
  2. Tony Gonzales0:06
  3. Pittsburgh3:49
  4. Washington0:00, 4:49
  5. training camp2:42
Fri, 4 Feb 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Washington dot com. But it would. Latest example Tony Gonzales -- Super Bowl week and think about it and here's to -- in his public system. At settling for a -- that. It it. -- -- -- -- It. Come back and we get there -- be playing next. Coach thanks and content. -- -- -- -- -- It's still definitely. It could hear. Them. Others here -- here in the league you. Guys get it this. Next season that actually. In the -- yourselves don't work it's sort of play. Let's watch it. In public places. What's been. Lighting and luck we instances. And god. All the way -- -- teachers. -- But overall broad right -- the so it's. Oh well as well with. Please thought it well so let's hope. That -- especially. That decides it's more business at that. Point two years ago. And you that it -- that happens. All absolutely absolutely it is -- you can break it. It. Freedom to walk. And their support. Your career. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A quick exit door because it -- The -- me that I. Players. At the line in during training camp but it might need. To put it out to go with that you know because. -- secure we got one Pletcher. -- Right out of knuckleball if we can concentrate and that got us. -- very well with the right way and play. That's what it's a little bigger. And got it done and how -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- -- that -- That's right it. Was. To. And community it's the -- And then why. I would weasel that the but -- think. -- -- -- -- So I gotta go to ticket to -- it's Pittsburgh that -- cubicleescape. -- -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. That -- And our people. -- Aura has taken the -- on his. Ward -- the ultimate game so. Great is that every with a -- you still doing the first ballot hall. Best ever do it meant. We're probably doing -- We've all pro side all pros. Technically. -- supplements. -- -- Egyptian commandos on that he's in good shape. Yes did Washington dot com.