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Ivan Carter with LaVar Arrington from Dallas- 2/4



  1. Washington Redskins1:20, 2:17
  2. Daniel Snyder2:47, 2:56
  3. Steelers1:10, 4:26, 4:31
  4. Nick Cannon3:30
  5. Green Bay1:10, 4:53
  6. Pittsburgh1:09, 4:31, 4:36
  7. Veteran players3:56
  8. tough guys4:14
Fri, 4 Feb 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

See -- in Washington dot com. -- never get to have this matter much. He has respect. We got it this week what's what's most reports of if anything. The most fun part is how historical this moment is. With Ivan Carter -- Washington Post which has never happened. Yet they can and had a camera captured how the content. Is. I'm just happy to have had the opportunity. To have finally. Finally people are you elicited that look look at my face. Okay this I leave my opportunity. To talk all lost to those lives -- -- -- do you do when your name what's been the main. Talk this week for guys to hungry. After awhile all -- -- yeah -- accounts of the house out there and box now all we don't talk about the most this. Have a guess you know. Talked about we've been talking about. Pittsburgh Steelers in Green Bay. Do you respect. I was being sarcastic people -- there's this story out there going around about. Washington Redskins -- you'll Snyder. Suing this publication. For slander. Believe that -- thoughts. You know. It's -- thing. It's it's a bit. And I looked at that the story. The pitcher was a little sketchy man. I can see where someone could. Interpret that is anti semantic. I could see that. Can I see it not being interpreted that way based off. So many things that have taken place in the past. You -- look at it that way as well I think there's two sides to every story and then obviously we -- the -- is through the middle. He has to this question and this is this distant to me it's not the nuts bolts that goes to the Washington Redskins the last two views or if they're going to the forcible the last -- years and they are both questionable when their third title. -- any fans care whether dance and it was so when their grandmother. I don't think he would have to sue anybody that we were winning so. It's just important. I just think that there's this a lot of things that is. You know one singular thing passes chains -- and it has to be an establishment of stress from Daniel Snyder. And every one else whether it be coaches sales people players. Fans. Daniel Snyder has his. He must it's a month's. That he began to understand. And and try to execute. Earning trust -- and actually giving drugs. And I think things will turn around the guy wants to win. And I really believe that that he wants to do what it takes I just think that someway somehow. Someone has to reach them in and help them understand. That this is about stress that stress once it starts flowing out of you're gonna trust it I'm gonna trust it. Nick Cannon behind the cameras on adjusted everybody's got everybody's gonna trust it and I and I believe things will start the Saints. Because it raises the accountability. It raises the level. Of the importance of of succeeding and and working hard and that doesn't exist right now. -- yet that this game which these two organizations. Very well one draft -- coaches charge. Veteran players you know players they do with the right way that -- who wins and why on Sunday. That transition a different. It's a great transition I mean that's like demand -- and you guys yes it's out -- everybody's trying to get men you know. I'm I don't even want him because I when -- -- -- tough guys like. It's like trying to -- -- coach Joe Paterno retires I would I would never wanna come Ivan Carter and try to. Do what he does. Would that -- instead -- I really think that the Steelers and I'm trying not to be biased because I am from from. Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers. Let's let's take into consideration. A couple of different things. The Pittsburgh Steelers are winners and their proven winners they have a lot of experience. And and they have the belief that that they will -- they know how to win and I think that that rule will play major role in this game. -- the yet taken consideration. At the Green Bay Packers were at the succeed. They have had to play. I'd do or die game. Or for quite some time -- legacies and that's -- -- take a toll on one's view mentally physically. And emotionally. And they're going to get up for this game. But there's still weird to hear. That takes place when you have to play that wave for so long it's I think that those two things yet if they were to win this game. They have bad -- it would have done very phenomenal thing about. It. I I have Steelers this MVP is. Whether he doesn't MVP performance or not. We all know that and Roethlisberger will be named -- MVP. If he has five yards passing. And Mendenhall has twenty yards rushing and the defense has two turnovers. One for a touchdown. Fifty tackles in the game. There Roethlisberger. Will be MVP of this. This is -- went from in college buddies at SMU tonight. I said it. You know it. If you as a suitable. You know -- -- definitely big out. Notre around and have a good time. And put it. -- -- in Washington dot com.

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