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Chick talks with Dan Jiggets about Cutler and the Bears- 1/24



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Mon, 24 Jan 2011|

Machine Generated Transcript

Joining us now from the season Chicago is former bear and Amanda takes care of all the Bears work on seasons Chicago's edge get an -- first question renegade and how is the Jay Cutler situation. And his sour posts on that sidelined yesterday how that playing in Chinatown today. Not well I mean Jays taking a lot of heat from a lot of different areas. About you know why he would was money will come back out for the second half. A white and really give a good a legitimate shot. In terms of and come back at least see you know the thing -- in -- getting back in the game. But looked I guess you have to think about his word. He says that it did did you feel stable he didn't make -- of the it would help the team. Possibly put in the hands of when Todd Collins what you think about it this way. Jay got beat up in the course of the season again is 57 sacks I believe. And he stayed in their for all that missed one game because looking doesn't came back and came back far. I think part of this -- this reaction is to. -- him in the morning his personality to write he's not the most amenable person in the world open and certainly not -- the media and and I you know I think a lot of people around football feel that way. Moving forward as Jay Cutler and and does his teammates Brian Urlacher for once stood up for him -- there and he's lost his teammates. Going to next year if in fact is that searcher on this leg we don't know the severity quite yet. You know. And I don't think you have to worry about his teammates at all and hoping there were about it about it outside of that locker room. They're gonna have this theory on whether or not a huge it cut back the play only he and a group of guys in the locker room know. And whether or not you know -- that. That all shakes out. After the get a good look at it the comeback and his civilian observer mobile the next couple weeks the talk about it really -- there really was -- those folks -- know. It and if you if you're teammates gonna find out the dude Jake given moment you got a problem. But I don't think he was really -- that you get to this point -- FC championship game. NFC championship game you decide you know scared I don't regret -- -- a little nicked up Manila McCain handle heat. I don't think that's in your DNA if you made it this far. As a quarterback and then -- that's you know played a lot of significant games in the in the in the game of football pro football and two and frankly you know throughout his career has taken a pounding. Tickets as always good tickets -- friend and molested on the road.