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It is our big story this elephant with the best record in the east Rajon Rondo MBAs assist leader. Head to head with fellow Kentucky wildcats' John Wall. Celtics off the quick start Paul Pierce hits with three -- up six later in the first. -- Rondo gets inside the baseline and the Dallas Celtics up fifteen -- that what are let's fast forward third quarter that's what not to wiz start to get it together. Little combat wall position Andray Blatche down low so that -- cut the sixth that Dick young did you fill me he -- -- value. Wizards trailing by just four to help him out watch stopped the game not -- out of -- tied at seventy. Partly the fourth -- -- it's a bit odd -- wall little. Walt -- coast to coast this is at all the glass. 235 left in the Wizards have their first lead of the game tied at 81 -- talk about finishing it off the glass half hour from the worrying more about it down the all the Wizards. With a three point lead in the final minute. Wizards up one Belfour appears -- chance. To give the Celtics the lead and he misses the best job -- Wizards get it done down sixteen at what point couple all the way back. To win at 85. To 83.



  1. Andray Blatche0:29
  2. Rajon Rondo0:06
  3. Paul Pierce0:13
  4. Dick young0:32
  5. John Wall0:11
  6. Wizards0:35, 0:51, 0:59
  7. Celtics0:12, 0:20, 1:07
  8. Dallas0:20
  9. Kentucky0:09
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