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Chris Miller reports on the Wiz/Celtics game- 1/22



Are pleased rejoin amateur are Blakely Celtics -- for CS in New England dot com. The Celtics midway point a season best record in the east he's surprised. Well not surprised that they have the best -- but the way they've gone about doing it very surprised when -- time when a team that has been decimated by injuries throughout through first half of the season and yet there's still find it was the winning games it's really remarkable. It was a very laid a solid second again came at a game last night they'll blow early against Utah yeah yeah had a serious attention. Seem nearly into the fourth quarter -- it's nothing that's going to be long term his biggest concern. If a couple of games going -- that he with the big pitcher aren't exactly muscle into games itself for Shaq is probably as good a time as any for -- gonna sit back a little villages resident with that being said denial lot of must ones out here game against Washington. Tonight. Smells like a trap game. Only total has a trap game because -- this is a Washington team in you know you hear it all set all the time -- sounds cliche with -- really are better than their record says when you look at. John Wall one of the better. I think rookies in the NBA and injuries and he's had to deal and you go down the line you know this they've had their share of injuries -- that. We've talked about bringing in the new coach that flips honest it really makes it very difficult. To put together a lot of ways and in this trade so there's a lot of factors that have really come and play with this team not having the kind of success I know they expect. This -- matchup tonight obviously we saw John Wall Steve Nash last night but this will be the first time the -- on Rondo and John Wall will be on the floor together. The number one assists got -- league number force this -- heavily what are we to expect. Lot of speed. A lot of speed these are two of the fastest players are gonna see from inland and life in the NBA and the only real significant difference I think what -- -- significant distance. Don't want to better shooter than Rondo and Ron Lewis has got more experience and I think that experience factor is really gonna complaint is that law. He's done a lot of turnovers and that's gonna cut don't ask don't come down. As he gets more experience -- I had this argument with a friend of mine who just so happens to be the camera guy that -- If you put Rondo on the Wizards team and put wall on the Celtics team would you act could you debate this that they would probably have the same stats. No they would have the same stance I. I think both teams would suffer frankly I don't sound -- I don't think he's a good fit with the Celtics are about right now because he's still learning depleted position in. I just don't think he's. It would just rudeness and presumably this team does -- have some. That's really I didn't guy they got that position in Philadelphia who can score they don't need guys to the street until. To me he's found that happy medium he's a delicate score if finest teams one it was mostly. It just in debate here I'm very sad to note the Doc Rivers we talked about it last night during the game now only see managing hall of famers he's and it -- hall of famers minutes. He's doing a tremendous job already in this you are you surprised by how he's been able to do this you know I give Doc -- a lot of credit for what he's been able to do but. One other time has given him -- -- -- all of these guys went down with different injuries and that is really made the decision beautifully and not -- a little bit easier. We can be purchased his back when Jermaine O'Neal is back when he gets all those big bat. He's not until a guy who's been -- and also for many years you're not playing. You may not play for for days for weeks at a time. That's -- Last look at -- today because I wanna see how they respond to that because he hasn't talked about it being about winning a championship is sacrificing. That sort of finally justice -- weather really gonna put that match. Aren't assault -- inside -- sure are Blakely Jonas CS in New England dot com shortly so much return from Chris.



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