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Raptors-Wizards highlights and Nick Young post- 1/15



Well both Nick Young NA Andray Blatche were game time decisions before tonight tilt against Toronto. And good news ensued as both started to gain the Wizards looking for their eleventh homeland and their last fourteen. No way and -- black was missing hitting the ball at night against Toronto. First quarter profit Nick Young minister John Wall getting defensive. Pokes it away and then -- sit on the floor mrs. -- shot gets the rebound and a put back nice effort out of the rookie that is possible. First quarter. Again still Al Thornton giving great minutes off the bench goes and then finishes with a difficult shot and the one. An engine of our wedge by the way has been nick young's -- this year has a long three. He had eighteen points going seven of eight from the field in the third quarter. Given the -- Blatche has the -- away. -- seventeen points thirteen boards the Wizards when their fourth straight you know 9895. -- Chris Miller with Nick Young. Three that third quarter and Michael. Since. You know my teammates behind it's. Harvey coming in writing that blog I find myself softball soccer ball. Assassinated -- he's been bothered you a little bit what's it take for you to come on your TV who. There's been no -- not trying to get -- you know -- -- -- Obviously the megaplex and they -- really knows who else do you think -- -- so it's good good good aren't. -- -- -- -- --



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  2. Nick Young0:03, 0:22, 1:03
  3. Chris Miller1:02
  4. John Wall0:23
  5. Wizards0:11, 0:59
  6. Thornton0:36
  7. Toronto0:07, 0:19
  8. soccer ball1:20
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