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In dot com the last -- capitals while the seven and -- back home went that I but the actually. Played pretty well and worked really hard now that a couple of days of practice and were heading up the Boston. For tonight's game and wrapping up the regular season series with the Bruins and Gabby in the boys really really could use. A win first period just minutes -- -- -- across the board Blake Wheeler that I did to -- Patrice Bergeron. -- droplets of past Michael -- ever -- one nothing Bruins. Stay in the first -- to not think for a draw with a tally of -- -- Already behind the back. By the day payback Wheeler sent it through and -- the three nothing game in the fourth. Late in the third -- down 31 another rally call all of their. His second of the season and it's a one goal game. The capped -- pressing pulling the goalie newbies on the reds sixteen seconds left they need a break here it is over eight plus thing and you. What Tim Thomas and -- shut it down a and that's the aids walk in -- -- three to do cavs lose. We'll have a fast start was there anything that first shot gets gets going and you know we need to get the lead but. It was one of those where. Those games and and -- Benny -- in our situation for the prestigious. Saves and there you go. But. They worked and the last two periods and again. You know I mean there's just sometimes you sit there and things are totally just wishing if you get a break hand do -- you know him and get them. But. You know we'll just persevering and move on tomorrow. Video check out CS in Washington dot com.



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  4. the reds0:53
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  7. regular season0:14
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