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  1. Buccaneers0:55
  2. Arctic2:50
  3. Jaguars1:47
  4. Steelers2:13
  5. Lions1:46
  6. biker bar5:00
  7. team leadership6:13
  8. regular season2:10
Mon, 13 Dec 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

You didn't dot com. I. Well -- everybody. -- -- This thing has -- You gotta look at. I'm don't product came -- for the in a long time ago for being horrible but. Old guy do it we now that you a couple of the team to -- and the next time favorite lapses who is creative play that game Saturday it will be all right. Clearly he's lost his mind let's look at the month that went eleven life. It's as Redskins one spot and joy but -- the field. Seventeen. Sixteen. That's your final gore -- Buccaneers. Who predicted the book went that -- The better reliant on the plane -- it's unmistakable. Kevin we've been alone games have been for over ten years. A lot -- Today relatively empty stadium relatively empty contributors to and a stadium Kevin and tonight we made that decision. Why in the tailgate that have been the best part of course -- in the super. Actually for more than just that we kept it going all late in the game we got -- it alone on. It's a new era in -- in football I'm. Finally figuring out that the people the other hand it's not a situation anymore where we're gonna watch it into as the I think for a lot of pain did you gonna have to improve berth with -- cut them back and I. If it could be we could be looking at you know Detroit Lions Jacksonville Jaguars territory here for a few years and that's it. Well good for you it'll with a ten years but good for and you know I I thought I. -- committee Randall elder and there was just something bizarre election when up to a couple Antonio what -- -- -- served you know like why don't. These were fans that no never come to games with -- given them tickets the other with their one chance to go to a game every one or two years because he was so bad in the regular season. Steelers but. Apple open. -- probably a little bit the the way I would tell you not to get rid of pure frustration over this don't resort while never let us do that for. -- Why not blame game but he won and we start with one more. That extra point. Point number. We got out Arctic here. And like an. Okay will give -- that. Well punishment. Oh. I mean it -- you were -- honor and it really been able or only years. Angle and you know I think that can even that the ball in the golden. -- -- -- that. Point. We bring up thirty -- herald and they're all that point. Agree on a thirty year old and. Graham you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sixteen games -- -- -- And take into account. We. Oh. -- -- this one I'd keep ball. It lately about the comedy bring. -- -- She. -- you -- my -- I finally. Won the year. -- -- -- figured it and it but not that meant a lot. Every month at least with the with the other -- and they are. -- Oh your. Work at -- biker bar. -- -- -- Like. That and it. -- we apologize if things go negative last week -- hurt them with you. What do you delighted communication open and given the spirit of the holidays with a winning that you know are festive celebration. Bear with this as we did our -- to the -- out of storage. This one now. With the greens. Are probably people not getting here about. -- -- -- -- Bringing eight at 35. -- -- mental thing yet now we're. Building. It. Ten is giving up that. Do you have a team with an average age of forty and -- have any team leadership according preschool what we're paying users for. Taylor. Either. Wear it and are. Hampering -- knew that he. Your problem this year -- at. You are acceptable use to block anybody would like -- and particularly completely put it in a row. -- It you're ago I didn't grow that much that -- not then it's. All. Aren't. Too long. Okay am I ugly and so we you know I got a good thing to get. It Dallas. -- that would that can. Doesn't matter. Matter. How. Well we now. Out now. The one that there were. -- -- If you want to keep it ultimately. -- One person and you and his Abiola. And the security -- -- it but anyway. -- Oracle. Blues. Like where. The whole lot. Obviously out of it. They are. Right now but it don't matter. Matters dale. That prediction time. The good. I'm actually going to be at -- though and figure out well at the that come together and got the what do what do we. And now. He. -- it. Yeah but I. Well. You. -- it. -- -- -- Got. See. You next week it -- one. Oh. Check out -- in Washington dot com.