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In dot -- Everybody sells Kelley and lock on -- that it isn't it caps lance backs that is always does -- is very special guest list today. Isn't -- about town -- -- -- let's jump right into it really big day for the caps. Yesterday. Lastly you put him in hot C and now he's gotten past placement get the trade for Colorado Atlanta's Scott Hannan what do you think about the -- I think it's a good trade it gives them -- more depth on defense which is something that they had to address playing Brian -- -- Tyler Sloan. As much as they have been. Was probably unworkable and they had one more injury that they would have been in real trouble. So they get a guy is terrible. Who's dependable defensively. It takes a big bit of the big cap hit but it's something they can absorb right now so I think it's a solid group I think. This signals the start for the caps really pushing towards a cup run. This year we know they've wanted to do that George McPhee demands it and looking first -- -- defenseman for three or four years. This is a got its not gonna put up big numbers as far as goals and assists are concerned what's gonna do. Is to opponent time on the ice especially penalty kill where it was leading Colorado. And PK ice time this season played every game this year. And that shot blocker right and it's something else that should be noted about this trade is the timing -- it see it. An early trade not waiting to deadline when -- thousand buyers and -- one seller driving up the price. Sir George McPhee gets his guys early and at a lower price than he would come later. And it gives him more time to gel with the team and develop that chemistry sought. Last year with that you Ameritrade. Pretty similar getting there early trade done. It's that business partners well. And he wasn't having his best -- right. Right now but Tomas placements pretty pretty significant player he had his best in goals and assists last year what -- is but it is a guy like him. I think what we lose at northwestern is a skilled player Escobar they complain a lot different positions that JP eight. That also put the captain weird spot because he didn't exactly yell in anyone's spot this year and had Clippers -- -- kept -- when the -- I think a lot of had to do was where do you put Fleischman is your second line center is the only -- -- -- money it's your third line center and right now I think that the caps get out. This as opposed to losing the skill Tomas Fleischman if you get some clarity. I think that's exactly right along those lines I think that it may get a chance to take a long look at a guy like Mathieu Perrault center in one of the top three lines. I had obviously gives them more ice time to Marcus Johansson and some sort of confidence for him. So you'll get along look at your hands and you get a long look. -- perhaps and then you'll see what you need to go out and get because I don't know this team's gonna go into the playoffs with one another one of those -- as your second line center. But at least don't know what they have. Well -- -- -- next segment. Point counterpoint -- that this -- -- and who's your MVP. MVP MVP stands for most valuable player except I don't play by the rules and one -- the most valuable person. -- -- Washington Capitals ran out to this point of the season. And my MVP for this team is -- -- the head coach last time I checked their atop the standings I know everybody is still. You know -- in about this thing or another thing and what -- -- look like it keeps looking them up they're still winning. More than any other team in the NHL and a lot of caps fans are looking to what the team's gonna do months from now let's all realize what happens right now. Matters to what's gonna happen come playoff time -- for drew did a great job of defusing the situation that. Could've gone bonkers without so -- and Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexander seven after the game in New Jersey that they also terribly in the laughing outside the locker room. I thought. He was instrumental in making that one day story he was also instrumental kick in the -- downing Carolina after they had three straight pretty bad. Performances and getting them back on track I think -- do drug Bruce -- is pushing the right buttons right now and he's the most important person to this point of the season Washington Capitals. To me I shudder to think of where this team might be had Michael and whoever -- not stepped up and October. He came in when -- Obama was hurt. And hope -- maybe not ready for prime time. And really stood on his head for all of October the team wasn't even scoring form he was winning games singlehandedly. And bad starts this season who knows how things spiral or you know you look up in New Jersey and you know they were getting goaltending early and they had. All kinds of problems this year so. -- really stepped up and to me he's been MVPs so far. Hard to argue that -- player's standpoint. RA and not excitement and our pick and it's the battle of the out since birth I always think of course outs events in. And captain the team unbelievable player that we're seeing a lot now from out in the -- -- Goodson and add them at. Having unbelievable season so far -- who do you think is your Allen. Start with me while I know conventional wisdom and JP will go with a great -- the man who wears the C and that's where I'm -- number one soft -- anyway. Alexander -- is having his best year. And it's should come as no surprise not because he's -- contract which is. Because he's healthy for now. We'll see this help for the rest but to this point this season Anderson and -- I was Anderson in. Is working at all LT Alexander's stomach is still in the penalty box once or twice a game yet watch where those penalties come from not the -- -- Have been in the past they're not all the -- -- have been in the past now they are when he's being aggressive. When he's going after the puck when he trying to make something happen or prevent something terrible from happening to watching capital. Alan Anderson is the most skilled player on the team just ask Alex back -- Alan Anderson and is the Sasha. -- If you are you gonna go in that we ain't gonna comment. I'm sure that out Simon's agent with them that little testimony no longer has that fear the end of the year. But it's Alex Ovechkin and in this the guys in the best player in the world discussion he's won two MVPs he's one is scored yes. Art Ross he's one Brewers for shard twice. -- he's not even playing well this year by most accounts and is on pace for the most assists ever by -- left where. That the guys turning his game around he seems to have been challenged by what happened in New Jersey and the fallout from it. And he's bringing his game up and as he rises so caps and he's their leader he's the -- that followed he's the batter Alex. Our. Effort out by accident thanks but today. At the press will be like you -- What I'm. Didn't check out CS in Washington dot com.



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