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Joe B and Locker break down the Caps loss to the Devils-11/22



In dot com. Bad day caps had nothing at all and unfortunately the guys who had a responsibility to keep you entertained throughout this hockey game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They should be learned Allen I. A year or two months in and you can't get out of the first period I mean that's the thing. This team was so dominating in the first period last year anything but that this ball. And again it happened tonight New Jersey was gonna get them they were gonna get them early you look at the first period review locker when you look at those highlights the Devils. Forget it was over and out after twenty minutes or just not anything from that goal line got out and we can point the finger and saying well maybe not about. Perhaps. -- -- Apparently in the game tomorrow. Over their goalie about breaking ball. Right there. Maybe get it. Period I think as a result we -- do the bookkeeping we know how formidable watch these kids at home but on the road and it. Last year yeah NHL for five and -- out. Averaging three goals again early scoring equipment 2.4. Hat hallmark. Is Carl and one half more goals just got to get this. -- especially in the movies on and they beat. I'm better hold any of her to win on the road 146 until and we are griping I think we have the right to be griping and when you think about -- play and Alex Ovechkin lately I think. You can sum that up as. Pretty much. Analogous with the troubles that's -- he's going through right now. Generate the wheels body's got to play without reckless abandon and that cotton Sri all. They beat the and really our catalyst for the. Hockey team that what they're -- tonight good job by you you earn your paycheck think you're very you're very important ultimate combat pain. How much you in the studio yeah. Why they locker you don't want you to talk what -- did a football but I really think that a lot of teams are keying on just taking is definitely getting into what you saw a lot of obstruction on him tonight guy tripping him -- he's stumbling around sticks in front of the pocket every time shooting what can do to remedy that that's more than just moving your life. It starts with moving your legs and then I'd start getting in the right lane I don't feel redskin jumping into holes like we've seen in the back. In getting back pats and Colts -- he. Gonna cast lead -- in by that time he turns it on your right on the money on the guy in his grill and he's got stick out. He's got up behind morph overnight and we'll get them blocked. But to me it starts with one thing and that's moving those big legs they are a million bucks play that make -- the. Where he has done pretty quiet night for him client not I'll go all the way around Devils blasting caps -- -- -- -- guys quickly before we let you go you mentioned that tomorrow will be a practice day in Carolina. Let me ask you bolt -- -- Bruce who go to you concentrate most on cleaning up the defensive side porch trying to get some sort of offensive rhythm rhythm at even strength where they have been invisible as well. I think it's an overhaul overall I think you hit on all the key points of our game starting from the net on out meaning the Panthers -- notre. Solid and offenses aren't I think it to be a refresher course guys I think you've got to get back. -- details. And what has made this team successful you would have. Happens overnight to remember Tyler Sloan barely played four minutes in this scheme. Tom pony has not been available to the capitals may have to make a recall on their back in -- I know what would happen in the old based on GO. I would be an all night long it could happen. It just worked well that your goal and hand until you're not feeling your legs anymore. Our guys eternal life not on you know will let you go we appreciate it has always. You -- bit naughty and Craig Glock when coming you from Prudential Center in New Jersey. What video check out theater in Washington dot com.



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