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  1. US senate0:27
  2. the pats0:30
  3. Preston0:16
  4. Buffalo4:00
  5. Washington0:20, 5:15
  6. tough guy1:47
  7. secondary school5:03
  8. hot streaks0:36
  9. hot seat3:33
  10. life sciences1:05
Thu, 18 Nov 2010|


In dot com. Everybody on the -- Really and welcome to the very first capital ones but. With me today John Preston deeper and Cory -- is back from it and Washington that -- in any self. I let's jump right into it sent it happened here I have one last year's US senate midnight we'll see him with the pats next. -- -- I think it's too early to -- to be honest and had a hot streaks like this before two years ago. Start. Justice. And then got injured so I think that that -- is very much are over the cap I would wait until. After the season to even consider. And I would say you know if you risk scenario. There's still. I'm very small kids these are finally see the big long deal what qualities. Guys I think like -- -- 1011 -- feels like one of her life sciences but that's we have a question you know five particular -- at this point anyway. But still -- very surprised. But Johnson says that that morneau we have seen it goes of these. There could be severe weather is a market for my. I think that's exactly right guys we signed. Guys consistent. It's. -- can see that. And you don't see out of it and excellence I think. He's a tough guy to go home -- At the same time if he keeps playing like he is now he's -- person so. His play drops come playoff time. The course of the season. I'm not sure that -- really didn't feel that incessantly. So. Its way through it. I pray that our water our pick them they -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like. My night. I. Just -- -- Nothing like whoever. Maybe the best. -- but I still think. You know which way and I think that you know for a while while. Maybe won't have as consistently through what we're rooting like would mortgage that no reliable. My view of an iron for a team that wants wins that would help but think you want that one guy -- have that at that level. When needed you know. For me comes down to being able. And my. You know these operations -- to do more terrible. -- up the -- big game player albeit. It's -- and I would sell food to had multiple people inside the organization -- curriculum or what. In the hot seat would be that I have right now I have. Game. -- I'm for me it's Thomas. Guy. It was famously scrapped for game seven against the Canadians manhandled them in the season. In the offseason hasn't. Two weapons out of the number -- Musical pieces. Into the Buffalo. -- -- Shown either offensively or really be sensitive to handle the responsibilities of being on the teams and maybe it's unfair presence. More comfortable on the -- But right now as long as he is at least nominally this. You know for me it's there there. Parity given the seasons -- -- -- on the third lines get very comfortably. We've got and again Wednesday experience -- don't want -- fourteen. And I don't think any player on this team has its offensive production -- more to your playing time being the great -- that. That guy and you know Eric doesn't necessarily the play of what they will be good but wherever he -- we've got a pretty. Right now it is definitely producing. -- -- a couple games here -- at some point shots. -- -- -- You know there was that a practice on Tuesday where he was down before flying so I think he's one of those guys that glove like play from the secondary school -- -- These guys that they didn't rely on the -- that. What video check out CF in Washington dot com.

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