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Redskins Nation: Kelli Johnson on Redskins Nation-11/17



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Wed, 17 Nov 2010|


In dot com -- -- of the week. Particularly jobs Comcast sports net it last week Monday night I felt for talked about the last week the show how do you do it after a tough loss mean outlet. It. We -- I had to help them wandering Jones. And running in and begging guys using any tricky can't get them to come on. Some really good guys in the locker room Anthony Armstrong learns Alexander Kiely Williams had a great game he was the one bright spots and he is an automatic and he's a rookie so he had to do it. So hopefully we get our -- Well we've heard from those guys earlier in the show here Brian Orakpo and eleven Fletcher Albert Haynesworth told the session in the locker room -- How does this team put it behind. Well I think they just have to mean a lot of guys and said you know you either let that get CU and and affect the next game or however many down the road. Or you put it past you learn from real lessons and O'Brien practicing very hurt with their tackling he made a point of same we've got to tackle better -- the Titans. All of and I talked including Albert about how Vince Young to be the same thing to them that. Michael Vick did he's abnormal mobile quarterback and he's got a speedster in the backfield and Chris Johnson. So -- some of the same issues going into this game -- rainy months is out there to stretch the field. If you look at what happened to the rescue last week I think it's a bit of an aberration statistically but the defense has struggled giving up yardage. And when you can't force a turnover like they did last week. Then results in a tough game. -- that's the one thing that they've done so far is make the big plays and they needed to they've caused the turnovers they put points on the board. It didn't happening -- the Eagles Eagles as Donovan said were clicking on all -- cylinders I don't know anybody that can stop them on Monday night they were that good. But obviously this defense in another guys talked about it today. There and it just -- period they are learning a new scheme and there are some bumps and ends. You know fundamentally they were not good Monday night that was the biggest probably disappointment as they just weren't good the things that they could've controlled. Well played -- road time. Clinton borders do you think -- play as we sit here we don't know was they've practiced Thursday practice as a whole week and how bad they need it. They need him I I think you mean well I mean there's a lot things is not only is his. Experience his blocking ability in the back field he's a different look in -- -- training -- -- But you know I think he plays acting it was smart to hold an -- marking the groin is not something you mess -- you don't wanna play it's or. I think he's probably chomping at the bit to get back my chain and said and -- you know and got Olympic at this point -- -- to win some games. More video check out CS in Washington dot com.