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MCM: Second Lady Biden Interview-10/31



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Sun, 31 Oct 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

Dot com and -- swords or First Lady Comcast sports net would be effective lady. The United States which he'll biting -- Joining me now second lady till five in the ball I mean can you believe kind of -- outpouring of the few little that you're beyond the early in the market already -- straight. Lots and lots of people out -- lots and lots of runners military families that great. How important is it for you to be here. And and not only beat the outpouring of support but still your support for marine LA then and armed forces the only. Well we are family and I am -- runner at the perfect. Steal on have you done a marathon and and do you plan to continue doing marathon acts. -- in 1998 and that that was my marathon and that that was my. At the end out. On the deal continue I get kind of training and and is that the lower mileage and certain. I'm. -- doing. Great. How an -- that for you will Aggies beat kinda -- runners going -- I've been on parent obviously with pictures and -- not heard I'm running and the board of them. It it may think feeling I -- you know you know they're running the marathon but there's the and that's -- important that you marina is incredible. It's incredible and it is important that the family out there and my immediately without ever meeting. And it felt great little children and all of a parent odd years I think it's wonderful that the actually wonderful that they are how we are runners are hand out runners at that they're out there. It's all part of the race until you so much for joining us mark have a wonderful day thank you and I Galilee. More -- check out -- in Washington dot com.