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GYSGT John Carraway motivated to run the Marine Corps Marathon-10/28



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Thu, 28 Oct 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

In dot com. Count down to the Marine Corps marathon is presented by Morgan Franklin. In this episode of countdown of the Marine Corps marathon we need marine gunnery sergeant John JD -- -- like many other runners this weekend he's gonna be running with a purpose and for cause. But to say that doesn't begin to explain what's motivating John Carroll way to run this weekend. I'm we have. He's saying that that's Brad Gagne and and and I've kind of taken at the heart that there's not a task that I can't take on. John care away served in the Marine Corps for over twenty years he leads a full life as a marine husband and a father. John has always been active so this year is Marine Corps marathon will be his fit. I'll go back to that morning -- model of few the proud we already think we're invincible. So this is just another stage in front of the invincibility that I've created for myself. But does he treat for the race he received some sobering news about his health. April ninth of this year I was diagnosed with stadium. In large mass in my frontal lobe and some additional MRI in us and that was diagnosed with a game. Toomer was slight clean had a five to ten year lifespan ahead of me but they don't have enough information on. On the -- -- as you were on the brain itself. That. You know. This was his best guesstimate. Although John's condition has been upgraded their still are some risks. And Woody goes on training runs yet to tell his wife his exact route an estimated time back home just in case he collapses while training. I enjoy it it's. People think come and crazy you know. But it's something that I enjoyed doing. You probably running the race for the -- team his way to raise awareness and funds for brain tumors. But that won't be his single motivation for running. No -- says there'll be one more thing on his mind as he runs the marathon. I realize we're all gonna die at some point. But I'm not reading New -- So wanna continue to fine. From what video check out CF in Washington dot com.

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