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  1. Donovan McNabb2:21, 2:38, 4:45
  2. Chris Cooley4:41
  3. Shaun Hill4:03
  4. Chicago Bears0:16
  5. Detroit Lions3:12
  6. Calvin Johnson3:47
  7. Fred Davis4:40
  8. Matthew Stafford3:56
  9. Ndamukong Suh4:17
  10. Redskins fans3:16
Mon, 25 Oct 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

In dot com. Everybody welcome back to Redskins want -- Burgundy and gold -- -- you 1714. Win over. If Chicago Bears you'll notice something a little bit different this week or one. Last -- here. It sentinel that QB rating for inappropriate remarks about her predicted. With oh so he's an apple. Right now right there we that we got ourselves a good show them. Award for that reason alone let's get -- -- as we break this deal we welcome in. The one and only -- and is making his. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was dirty and didn't exactly kinda games we've lost. A million times of the last ten years always excited to see us come out on top of a dirty ugly game. We've. When he. It made it a bit and not only. -- -- -- look -- this -- gonna -- this Andre. Is in here is insensitive to. That really I think it's -- slot by. -- -- -- -- area. That are close. This one's -- that game. Riots race second consecutive hundred yard rushing game running game power our offense taking it to. These these very stout defense is about right train as -- our win. There's seventeen total current numbers. Equally all of last year. Nearly every loose ball. Our -- on rest and or column. I really like Shanahan swallow the pride and maybe giving Haynesworth an increased role in this game if effect with the call he made -- -- it. The call with the uniforms. But things or yes. -- Worthwhile -- obviously not challenging. The touchdown there is lovely. Our last on. This is an interest mentioned you know -- wrangle over a hundred yards back to back weekends Donovan McNabb numbers have been stellar. Who is the offensive engine of this team moving. It's gotta be Ryan -- we can't run this book for the rest of the season that we can't get behind our offensive line. Get a rushing attack going for the for the second half this season no way we can survive in -- In the post season Donovan McNabb led the Eagles -- fives. And FC titles. He's pretty good quarterback -- -- pretty good numbers here. Here for a minute. You know. Title game and -- got hooked. Yeah. And we're not. Okay. This week it's the Detroit Lions come to town most people think the line. -- -- over Redskins fans. Redskins are famous for not shown up against teams that they think they can just waltzing and get a victory over the classic example. Last seasons at -- times this year Detroit it in recent years in. This got me really really concerned yes because it looked. -- -- My personal opinion I think the Lions. Are more dangerous than the absolutely. Absolutely they have a way better offense that actually have a legitimate receiver Calvin Johnson who is of free things sudden -- no we've seen you know rid of of late it's of public and Andre John businesses and thing. Underdogs and Matthew Stafford coming back if that's the thing is when staffer went down. They're -- -- didn't miss a beat Shaun Hill still put up forty plus passes a game they were moving the ball they were scored points and and that they're they're coach has their defense believing in in what they're doing. We cannot sleep on this team also young man named Ndamukong Suh. Leads me to my key matchup game I think because the Redskins. I think are better on the outside in the offensive linemen are on the inside I think their tackles are better than regards at this absolutely and soup please in the -- And -- and ole boy Casey Robert rock that guards. Are going to have some issues with that kid. I got I -- -- tight ends they got Fred Davis and Chris Cooley didn't open that's because of that exact reason Donovan McNabb can get the ball. Little bit higher than the shoe laces to those guys that the real fast and Cooley and Davis who can be all right. But but that to me is it's our tight ends on those linebackers get no confined space and McNabb -- it won't quit -- -- let's. -- It's not a bottle ought to have predictions Lions Redskins -- -- Antoine Agudio. Hi this scenes that were committed in Saint Louis a few weeks ago in my book or forgiven these this this Redskins team showed up. A few weeks here in a row I'm gonna give a little -- formidable lead -- gonna go to Detroit. Be there in mind body and spirit. Gay and late in the lines I think we're gonna get over twenty points I got a point point four point win over the lines you know it's hot I thought. Lines coming off -- bye week -- and it looks audience that are actually in the redskins' very motivated to win games. Going into there -- bye week yeah. Eagle to win this too I think it will be the ones who. Playoffs -- mind playoffs -- -- -- that we don't go in there with without a playoff focus. We want to focus in the bye see you next now Redskins. More video check out CS in Washington dot com.

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