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Redskins Nation: Golston, Shanahan and Sellers on loss-10/17



  1. Peyton Manning0:05
  2. Colts0:05
  3. Washington0:02, 1:23
  4. special teams0:54
  5. field position0:55
Mon, 18 Oct 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

Washington dot com and everybody knows Peyton Manning and the Colts have a great offense. This channels and stopped -- moment you know. You know he's just he's the coach out there on the field so he always gets and rightly so -- we tried Kamal balance and we do. You know for the most horrible that get a couple plays -- tennis that -- -- you know we went out and we for ordinary and they for our -- -- you know. San we have to lose. -- -- came to put the game away. And ultimately Carroll did get from defense but -- only has three Iranians that. Kind of snuck away from us that doesn't happen very often -- against him when does your final and -- producer reasoning. I'm deferring and winning the toss well to start of the second -- you know -- who won two games general of idea. Like a cult in the first half and our special teams got a got us in good field position like her coverage team and loans to start to second half literally worked in our favor you know. They obviously putted very quickly we had a chance he had to hold them -- so obviously and probably would like to -- Spring listeners -- you know plumber during his hands. We'd like to win it and obviously we haven't -- the. We just didn't execute certain certain -- from apart. Keep these posters -- more video check out theater in Washington dot com.

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